Tuesdays with Murray (Chapter 21)

TobyJoe and I have done some stupid things in our time. We picked up and moved to San Francisco (a place neither one of us had ever been before) for a job that ended up sucking. There was the time we played pool for 9 hours and drank at least a 12-pack of beer apiece. The next morning was the stupidest part of all. (Thank God those days are behind us.) We both signed up to run the NYC Marathon 6 months before the actual event without having much of a foundation at all. My right knee still hasn’t healed entirely and his running career came to an end because of it. We’ve made some dumb decisions over the years.

But the dumbest thing we’ve ever done happened when we bought this dangling gymnasium-like toy for Emory.

We may as well have taken pieces of string tied with tuna and hung them over the baby.

Emory barely gets to use it unless we lock Murray in the back room.

But that’s OK, because Emory recently found his toes! And who needs a colorful, portable gymnasium when you have your own two feet?



  1. OMG – the cats have taken over the baby toys! I thought Squee would’ve stolen every baby toy for himself, but he’s been great about it other than chewing his dog bones on Dex’s playmat. Cat’s however, I can only imagine how they’ve claimed it as their own play palace with all the dangling treasures. So cute that Emory has found his feet! He’s so flexible and wow seeing him in motion, I think he has your eyes :)


  2. I’m with the kid: feet are awesome.


  3. And now suddenly I TOTALLY understand the “Happy Baby” yoga posture!



  4. your murray looks exactly like my boags! i dont have a baby gym but anything that goes on the floor (or any other surface actually) boags will lay on and rub his head against!


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