Yes, Michele. Yes, You Can.

If you’ve been reading this Web site for a while you probably already know that I don’t hold too much back. I will write about almost anything personal, the more self-depricating the better. I like to admit to the ridiculous and embarrassing things I did as a kid, like this. I even posted a story I wrote as a kid, a story filled with atrocious grammar and spelling. (Nothing’s really changed there, am I right?)

Why is this important? Because when it comes to the pictures I have featured today, I am truly embarrassed for myself. And because I’m so embarrassed by them, I decided that this was going to be my biggest test yet. And so I have asked myself, “Can you post some of your most embarrassing photographs, Michele? Can you?”

Yes, Michele. Yes, you can.


(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

I think I looked pretty cute at age 6.

And then things went down hill. At least with the hair.

Here is a comparison of 1980 to 1981 and then 1981 to 1982.

This was taken during my stint as a kid model for NASCAR.

This was taken at the peak of my Xanadu obsession.

Right before I had that overbite fixed. I swear, my parents are not related.


I’m the second girl in from the right, second row. Just kidding. She’s much prettier.

This was taken in Raleigh. You can probably tell because of the frizz.

Poor Nina, competing with my hair.


I am not sure what to say about these.

A big WTF to my eyebrows and me for sure. But I think the photographer deserves a WTF as well. I mean, who am I? Elizabeth Taylor? No, you don’t need glasses.


This is my most embarrassing picture ever. It was taken when I was 13-years-old. I used to take dance. I was a terrible dancer already and then they had to go and do this. TobyJoe saw this picture and said to my mother, “Well, Diane, you’re only getting one grandkid from us.”

Let’s hope I’m like fine wine because wow.


  1. Oh man, those are awesome! Since we’ve been doing our house re-model, all kinds of goofy things, like pictures of me from junior high and high school have been showing up in our lives.

    To wit:


    And I found my junior high yearbook and will be posting a couple photos per week for NaBloPoMo. Bad crazyness.


  2. I have some winners, let me tell you. I wish I had a scanner so I could post them. Or, you know, maybe not.

    But I have to say anything pre-1990 is automatically forgiveable, and I happen to think your elementary pictures are really adorable.


  3. Well, some of those are a wee bit scary, but in most of them you look pretty damn cute!

    That last one, though. Woah. Do you have a box under that shirt? What is going on there? LOL!

    You are braver than me. Nude, I’ll do. But embarrassing? Forget about it. ;-)


  4. For the record, the high school shots were proofs; we did not buy them. And they were taken AFTER 1990.


  5. Dude, your hair was amazingly tame for the time. You were too adorable.


  6. Oh by the way, I think we’re the same age so I was pretty sure some of the high school ones were post 1990. I didn’t want you to think I thought you were like, way older or something.

    I am DEFINITELY remembering my cringe-worthy ones from that time. laughing


  7. Mihow, you are way too hard on yourself. You were (and are) so totally cute and were such a completely normal kid. I don’t see any “bad skin phase” either.


  8. You know, I never, ever had any bad skin. I think the Gods said, “Girl’s got some really awful frizzy hair, let’s give her a break on the skin.”

    Thanks, RaeRae, but man, that last picture is really freaking awful. I mean, it’s just bad. What dance teacher would dress a kid in so much makeup?

    I should have uploaded all my sport shots. I was so much better at sports. Dance wasn’t my thing. My father will attest to my being a good athlete.

    But the sports’ shots are normal.


  9. my mom recently found my 8th grade yearbook and i immediately flipped to my picture, only to find that i had erased my entire face, except the eyes, which i then drew sitting atop springs popping out of a jack-in-the-box. so that should give you an indication of how bad the photo was. i’m pretty sure that’s the year i had a tail.

    i say if you made it through your childhood w/o a mullet, you are A-OK. i did not fare as well, sadly. love the beret/tiger pants! grrr! :)


  10. Ha! That last shot is great! I’m positive you colud sell those tights on Haight Steet these days.

    You weren’t so bad growing up ;) The frizzy hair and braces might’ve been the awkward spot, but you were so cute in grade school and a fox in high school. Nice post though – love it!


  11. I LOVE THESE!!

    I think we all have those scary pics… but they’re so fun to look at! I was such a nerd back in the day… oh wait…


  12. I have an entire box of these type of shots. Perhaps I’ll start, Mondays with Mihow. heh


  13. that last photo is precious. you should frame that or carry it in your wallet.


  14. Seriously, what photographer wouldn’t interrupt that moment to say, “Um, it looks like you have really pointy tits and they’re down to your lap.”

    Oh, and for the record, the dance that costume was designed for was set to “We Built This City”. I think I could still do a few steps from it.


  15. OMG! Mihow I love these! You are one brave girl to be posting these. I don’t even think I have guts to share mine with the rest of the world yet. I dread finding the one of me trying to look like John Taylor of Duran Duran. Ugh.


  16. You are amazingly lovely and cute. The mirror photos is HILARIOUS, but even there you pull of lovely.

    I am not as shy about embarrassing myself, but perhaps I should be.



  17. I resent the nascar comment! I was there sunday and see less and less of those kind of hair styles.
    I know that was the 80’s and hate to admit I did see some… :) he he he


  18. I think you were (and are) cute. I don’t have the guts to through my yearbooks…I had braces for 10 years (from the summer before 7th grade through my 4th year of college) so I absolutely hate all my pics.

    Oh, the pink V-neck sweater you have on in your pic from Raleigh? I had it too – except mine was a hand-me down so it was stretched out a bit and had a salad dressing stain in the front. I wore it with a multi-color shirt underneath.

    Come to think of it – having braces on my teeth in pics probably isn’t the only reason why I don’t like any of the pictures with me in them.

    Cute pics and thanks for sharing. Emory is going to have fun going through your pics with you later on! :-)


  19. Ha! These are awesome. I have my own dance shot like that-though I was younger in it, and it was a dance to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” I’m an 8-year-old dressed in what amounts to S&M gear-complete with thos black wrist cuffs with fake spikes. Horrifying.

    You still look pretty cute in most of these!


  20. Hmm, not sure why all of that bit in the middle got crossed out…


  21. I’m totally not trying to make the new mother feel good about herself, but, I think the pictures are adorable!! You don’t look bad at all! Well, except for the last one. I can’t lie to you…


  22. Amber: Sorry, it’s a Textile thing. It happens to a lot of folks. See here. The dashes in Textile automatically make it “deleted” text. I like textile but I hate that part of it. Sorry.

    Lake, believe me, I know how bad that last shot is. :] No need to sugarcoat it. Awful. But oh so funny.

    See, now this is why my blog has an automatic lifeline. Can you imagine if my mother posted these shots when I was a teenager and younger? I’d be mortified. Now, it’s funny. Then? As it was happening? Not so much.

    That said, this Web site has no choice but to self-destruct before Emory gets too old.


  23. holy hell those hot pink tiger stripes… i just cannot resist them!!!! WANT WANT WANT!!


  24. but seriously, you are absolutely adorable and IMO the prettiest in your class photos!! now me… i’m afraid all photographic evidence of my adolescent years were lost in the great flood of ‘98. okay, not really but no one will ever see them!


  25. I loved this blog entry! Your pics throughout the years are so incredibly cute.


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