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My name is Michele Boudreaux and this is my blog. I am a mother, a graphic designer and a baker. I graduated from Penn State University in 1997 with a BA in Graphic Design. And that’s how I made my living until I became a full-time mother. I have three sons: my first son was born in 2007, my second in 2011, and my third son was born in 2014.

In 2010, in hopes of combining my love for design and packaging with confections, I put my lifelong love for baking to work and went back to school. In November of 2011, I graduated with a pastry degree from ICE.

I live in Maryland, right outside of Washington, D.C. with my husband, three sons, two cats and a rescue dog. I balance my family commitments with an active freelance career in graphic design and I make elaborate cakes for people. You can see my cakes here. Recent professional accomplishments include designing the logo for The Webby Awards. I’ve also been a featured seller on Etsy. You can visit my online candy shop here.

I truly enjoy writing.

This Web site is over 15 years old. (I KNOW!) It spans my life in New York City; how I met my husband; the birth of my son; the miscarriage of who was to be our second child, and finally, after years worth of infertility, the birth of our second son. Our third son, Walter, came a touch later. He was a bit of a surprise.

I write about New York Citymiscarriage and infertility, and loss. I also write often about depression. In 2013, we moved to the dreadful suburbs. I write about that as well.

Lastly: I love animals. All animals. (Yes, even squirrels.)

You can find me on twitter, Instagram and Etsy as well.


Please feel free to contact me at mihow @ mihow.com. I enjoy getting email. I read everything I receive and I do try and write everyone back. I welcome comments as well (as long as you’re kind). Constructive criticism is always welcome but don’t be a chump. A lot of the best information found on this site comes from its visitors.


  1. I think u put a smile on my face, as I read your blog for the first time… U seemed numerous & just refreshing the way u Express yourself. I came across your blog while I was searching for answers for my itchy bumps that itch esp at nite….Never had any allergies before and am a 59 yr old female. Going thru a nasty separation and *prolonged stress & a few weeks ago suddenly itchy bumps on front shins, at first lower FRT part then spread fully down in *front of shins from knees down to ankles, but so far NOT the back of my Calfs…but itchy!! SCRATCHED up now n bruises from scratching & sometimes bleeding! But tonight itchy feeling was so bad tonight that I washed my shins & applied “Kalaya” brand PAIN lotion ….Seemed to calm them down INSTANTLY! It seemed a few days ago that it was healing up but suddenly a worst flare up! Worried like U are that there is a hidden problem internally etc??!! Thanks…. Gailina




  3. Hey Michele,
    I worked with Jon, Justin & Josh at a retirement center in Raleigh… They were working there at
    the time of their deaths. I’m a couple years older but I definitely noticed that all 3 of them we’re extremely close friends
    at that time. They also were very, very nice people. I remember the night Jon&Justin died, and I worked
    with Josh the week or two after – he was very distraught. And then I heard about him.

    Very said news — and I still remember that time period to this day — even before I read your blog.
    RIP to all 3 of them.


    1. Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. What a terrible time those families must have gone through. I think about them often and I hope that their families were somehow able to mend. I have three boys of my own and I can’t imagine outliving any of my kids. So very heartbreaking.

      Thanks again for reaching out! I wonder if our paths ever crossed.


  4. I’m trying to figure out how to explain to my husband that thinking about moving to the suburbs leaves me feeling like I’ve been punched in the stomach…and it led me here. Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to hunker down and read.


  5. Does the youngest have a different dad? Looks nothing like the other 2.


    1. This made me LOL. No.


  6. What happens with any other type apart from blood group +O? Does it affect too?


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