Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 45)

We went out of town for a few days and had Lisa (cat-comber, petter, nail-clipper extraordinaire) watch Murray, Pookum and Tucker while we were gone.

Every time we go away, Murray decides to let us know exactly how uncool it is by destroying something we own. Last time, it was the lamp in our bedroom. This time around he turned his message up a bit.

The good news is, all pieces have been accounted for making heavy poop-policing unnecessary.


  1. Murray makes me want to adopt another cat from the humane society, I miss having a cat personality around, they are so much like people it makes me wonder if Darwin had owned a cat, would he have questioned the whole monkey angle…


  2. Perhaps it’s because I’ve only been following along for a couple of months, but we never get to hear much about your other cats!! Sometimes I forget that there are others!

    Are there archived posts about them?


  3. There are stories. Yes. But not nearly as many as Murray. It’s not that we like Murray best, believe me. It’s that he supplies the most fodder for story time. I just used the search function to find a bunch of Tucker (who used to do some absurdly funny things) but it’s basically useless — the search function. For whatever reason it only goes back a year.

    I have some videos of Pookum and pictures as well. Tucker has had some stories written about him. But Murray is “special” in ways I haven’t even begun to understand. :]


  4. Your Murray looks and acts like my Jynxy. I think it is a mischief gene in these kinds of cats. I have four including him and he is the MOST destructive cat I have ever had live with me. He tears up ALL the cat toys by shredding them with his teeth. And he lays around sharpening those claws… loudly! And they are daggers I tell you! I love Tuesdays with Murray. :-) He always makes me laugh.


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