The Goiker

I shot two videos today. The second one is an outtake. I simply had to include it because it’s damn funny.

The Final Video

The Outtake

I have to admit, recording these videos makes me feel entirely too self conscious. And if they’re difficult for me to watch, I can’t imagine how hard it is for the people I know (or don’t know). Or maybe this is just one of those examples where you’re overly critical of everything—like hearing your own voice on tape? Nevertheless, because of that weird feeling, they are really difficult for me to shoot knowing that I’ll put them online. I keep wondering how different and/or better or worse they’d be if I didn’t have the public part in mind. You see my dilemma?

Anyway, we’ll see. This project is still new and therefore being sculpted.


  1. Aw – those vids were so endearing. You look fab and I love the Emory sound effects! You should never feel self-conscious about them!


  2. that was a great shot, your kid has good aim, and as someone who has been reading your blog pretty much daily ( I have you bookmarked:) your hair looks fab in this. Not to say it doesn’t usually look great, but it looks great – er today:)


  3. Here’s my supportive vote for your video series. These are so endearing and interesting. Emory is going to love them when he’s older. And until then, I just want to say that I think they’re great. Don’t feel too self-conscious (we’re all weird to ourselves!). :)


  4. Yeah, I love them too and I think I am going to copy you.


  5. Love the paci shot!

    Our E “goiks” as well. It is always soft spoken, as if she is saying something to herself. Very cute. Maybe there is a universal “goiking” age?


  6. Imagine how cool it would be to have video footage of your mom being hit in the head w/ a pacifier you threw at her? Seriously. Let that be motivation to keep them coming! Your son will love these…I do, too! : )


  7. What ever you do, DON’T STOP. I love your little videos! Your self-conscious awkwardness is so endearing and you are funny. You’ve inspired me to take on a similar video blog project (as soon as my new computer arrives). I wish I had some advice to offer with Em and his nap strike. I treasure that quiet time when my Max is sleeping. We all need some “mommy time” to recharge our mental batteries.


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