Pica Cravings.

I wrote a post a little over a week ago about my love for tar. My cravings haven’t subsided. The other day while watching Mythbusters, I noticed something very peculiar. A big part of the show takes place in a warehouse where they build contraptions for their many stunts. They recreate situations in order to bust or confirm a myth. They weld on the show, burn wood, mix chemicals, and spray anything and everything from a can. I salivated the entire time. For me it was like watching Top Chef only replace the kitchen with a warehouse and the food with hardware.

In typical Michele fashion, I began to freak out a bit about these weird cravings. That fear kicked in full force when I was at the gym signing up for a piece of equipment. Each member has to write his or her name on a white board using a dry erase marker. One might say I spent an uncomfortable amount of time with that marker before putting the cap back on. I feel the same way about Sharpies.

So I began looking things up on Google. Instead of trying to hide the weirdness, I figured it’d be best to talk about it. I looked up things like “Craving tar while pregnant” and “The smell of paint while pregnant.” I looked up things like “I am about to suck on a dry erase marker like one might a Popsicle.” I searched for “What is wrong with me?”

Of course I was relieved by what I read. Some women talked about spending more time in the broom closet at the office with the industrial cleaning supplies. Others talked about craving paint chips. Still others said they wanted to eat soap. One New Orleans woman told me that some of her female relatives used to eat Mississippi dirt from the side of the road. I read countless stories about pregnant women craving the weirdest of the weird. Suddenly, I felt better about my strange desires.

I learned this: it’s not uncommon to develop pica cravings during pregnancy. Experts aren’t exactly sure why they develop, some say it may be due to an iron deficiency or other chemical deficiencies, but I think us pregnant bitches are just weird. All that said, I think I’ll take a trip to I Hate Perfume in Williamsburg. They have a scent called Chemical. Awesome.

In other, more awesome news, check out this picture of Murray and me.


  1. Murray’s ears are awesome- like a little furry bat. you guys are adorable! my friend told me about having dirt-eating cravings, too. maybe those harry potter jelly bean things have some chemical flavors you can get your fix with… latex perhaps?



  2. Holy crap! I had no idea about the jelly bean flavors. You know, I was thinking about this a bit more last night when I had a craving for chemical flavors and had to succumb to a bunch of chewy ginger candies. I have craved Jelly Bellies since I got pregnant. I wonder if there is any relation there… I mean, they are made with chemicals in a lab, right?

    Anyway, I might check ‘em out, ginar. You’re a genius.


  3. I’ve always loved the way sharpies smell. Mmmm… Additionally, I am more apt to sniff magazines at the local bookstore than read them. My boyfriend knows I have a sniffing problem and laughs at me whenever he catches me in mid sniff. Recently I bought some floaties for me 4 year old nephew. We were driving along in in car when he decided to open them. A lovely smell travelled through the air and I found myself reaching for one of his floaties in the back seat nearly swerving my car to get to them. Once I had it in hand, I sniffed like I couldn’t get enough. My sister who was also in the car just laughed at me.


    Usually it’s the smell of new things. New car smell, new play-doh (well any play-doh), new plastic smell (example:floaties or beachball), markers, magazines (high gloss please!),etc.

    And I’m not even pregnant. Ha!


  4. I hear ya about the swimmies. Remember Trapper Keepers? Man, they smelled awesome!


  5. Are the fumes bad for you? Not picking, just a logical question. They give me headaches, so I can’t imagine them being good for your health.

    I craved the small and taste of the tri-copy slips that they printed the detention forms on in school. My sister, the teacher, brought me 10 of them to sniff on. I MIGHT have eaten one page. I also ate clean Charmin toilet paper and chewed on foil.

    What the hell’s the matter with us?


  6. I don’t really go around sniffing markers. I assure you all. The photo above was taken for the post. I think I’ve been pretty darned careful when it comes to harming this baby (and myself) while pregnant. Even avoided hair dye and hair products of any kind.

    Just had to reiterate this.


  7. Not so much Sharpies, but those big fat black markers… yum! And I’m not even pregnant!

    Know what else I love? The smell coming out of the vent at the laundromat. Love it! Plus, it’s warm!


  8. I am still sniffing my new cell phone. I don’t use it much so it still has the “fresh plastic” scent. It is awesome. I love you LG plastic off-gassing awesomeness!


  9. My car still has that new-car smell… does that count?


  10. They discontinued my cologne a few years ago. I’ve been rather upset by it—its the only scent I’ve ever liked.


    if that sounds good to you, you can bring a pillowcase over and get it all nice and scented. i just found a place that allegedly had some in stock, and bought 3 bottles. they might be the last 3 in the world.. though i doubt they exist.


  11. Look at THAT PIC of unabased GLEEEEE!!!!!!!



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