Feeling Sick.

I woke up with a headache, cramps, and some intestinal issues. I don’t feel well. Had the worst night’s rest ever. The baby hasn’t dropped, which has a few people guessing that he’s coming after my due date (which is 3 weeks, 2 days away). Whatever my future holds, I need to pack a bag for the hospital, make an iPod set list for delivery (I’m thinking REM, The Postal Service, or Will Oldham), and clean our apartment for as long as my unwell body will allow. I’m exhausted. Truly beat. It feels as though every vein in my body is working overtime.

Edited to add: I have a list of things I was told I’d need while in the hospital, but a list isn’t always as good personal input. So, if you have any suggestions as to what you (or your wife) used during labor and delivery, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Edited to add: What’s the point of this set list? To calm me down? Make me happy? Induce labor? Because that totally drives who and what songs I choose.


  1. I’m definitely a rookie here, and I’m not sure if you guys have already written one, or even want to, but I’ve seen quite a few “birth plans” come through our office, and the couples that make them swear by them. I love that you’re making an ipod set list for delivery.

    I hope you feel better, too. Thinking good thoughts. xoxo


  2. i hope you feel better soon. maybe it’s just a bad day? on the other hand, three weeks early really isn’t that early… sending hugs your way! :]


  3. feel better mihow! i like to drink ginger beer when feeling nauseous and needing a pick-me-up, but i’m not pregnant and waiting for a baby to drop! but maybe just sit back, put your feet up, enjoy the mix tape- i mean ipod playlist making, and maybe take a nap with Murray. a cat nap! doctor’s orders* (*ginar is not a doctor and has no authority to dole out medical advice, especially not to pregnant ladies).


  4. Thanks, guys. It’s normal, I think, to feel this way during the 9th month. I just feel worn out. Makes sense, right? Granted, it doesn’t help that I keep searching my symptoms via google. Why is it that no matter what medical ailment you put in google, something awful seems to pop up? Weird.


  5. Hey. Got here via Torrie, had a baby 7 weeks ago. It is normal to feel this way in the ninth month. Try to relax and focus on what you’re bringing to the hospital and your playlist. :) My suggestions for what to bring: Pillows. Hospital pillows are crap. Bring a couple (at least) for you and one for your man. He’ll thank you for it because those chairs suck in the rooms. Bring something to pull your hair back. Socks with tread. A couple night gowns and a comfy robe so you can walk around. Snacks (for after).

    Google can be scary. You’ll do great! :)


  6. I hope you feel better sweetpea. I hate it when people say this to me, but it really will be over soon. Hopefully the kid will be on time!


  7. I’m right there with you with the exhaustion, cramps, and intestinal issues! Everything has been fine until this week for me too, so week 36-37 must be the turning point. Don’t fret if the baby hasn’t dropped, it’s uncomfortable! Our little guy is dropping, but it makes walking and sitting quite the experience.

    So things for the hospital- I’m in the process of packing some stuff, but figure I’ll be laboring at home for quite a while, so I can finish up then. Here’s what I can think of off the top of my head – robe, socks, slippers, what you want to wear at the hospital, a loose outfit to come home in, nursing bra, lasinoh, breast pads (in case your milk comes in before you leave), a change of clothes for Toby, toiletries, something to focus on while in labor that’s comforting to you, baby’s coming home outfit, the hospital will probably giving you some supplies so an extra bag to carry it home in. The best advice I’ve heard is to write a list of stuff down on paper and lay it on the suitcase of items that you absolutely can’t pack until the last moment like the camera AND batteries/charger, cell phone AND charger, so that you don’t get to the hospital and your cell phone dies -eek!


  8. I’m suggesting a very good set of earplugs for Toby.


  9. ha! I guess he could use them considering I’ll be screaming bloody murder once that day arrives. Best to get Mom some, too.

    Given my ear problems, I have a LOT of them, that’s for sure.


  10. —a dry erase marker
    —something to dangle off the end of a stick to lure the baby out [maybe a picture of a boob]


  11. My “focal point” is a can of Guinness. So a dry erase marker might not be a bad idea. Also, some raw fish. I’m going to pack raw fish. My roommate will love me.


  12. The Guiness is an excellent idea and seriously, you might need a snack.

    Can babies hear when they’re in the womb?


  13. They can hear. We’ve been playing the little guy music for a while now. He goes nuts sometimes. Also, Tobyjoe has a way of getting him to beat me up. The talk a lot.


  14. Toby can snack, but once you’re in labor eating is a no-no. During labor your digestive system slows way down. I had some soup w/little stars about 8 hours before my son was born & saw themahem again during labor. That makes having snacks for after even more important. I got back to my room at 2am & was starving.

    I did most of my labor at home in front of a gardening marathon on hgtv. Even though I’m obsessed with music I couldn’t bring myself to listen to any of it. I needed something mindless to watch. I brought music with me but never actually listened to it in the delivery room. Too many people, too many machines, & too much pushing. Also, I had to wear maternity clothes home from the hospital. My tummy didn’t shrink enough to even wear my normal baggy clothes(that I hopefully brought with me) until after I went home.


  15. If it will make you feel any better? worse? not all babies drop before you go into labour. My son dropped when my water broke (which was a week early).

    I didn’t get my labour bag up to the labour room, as it was so quick, so I had nothing with me, and it was fine. For me, it was more important to have the stuff after Jonah was born. My OWN clothes to wear, flip-flops to walk around in, my toiletries, a book to read, nursing bra/sleeping bra, tiny clothes and blankets for the baby, extra diapers-they never give you enough. And take some super-heavy duty pads, they don’t give you many at the hospital, and they are bigger than anything you’ve ever seen (or want to).

    Oh, and if you like dried fruit and granola type snacks-load up on those. They will give you a stool softener pill to get your system going, but I prefered to eat my own dried apricots to do it naturally!

    Hmm..that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh, and if Tobyjoe is staying overnight with you, you’ll need to have your carseat installed in the car already to go home.


    fuzzy socks
    a few dollars for the vending machine for toby
    somebody on call to bring you a pizza or something IMMEDATLY following delivery because you willl be more hungry than you have ever been in your life.


  17. Wendy, I read that somewhere. Thanks for reminding me. I read that with some women, the little guy doesn’t drop until actual labor begins. I hate that I compare myself to a plethora of statistics, but it’s so hard to avoid doing so when I feel so nervous. And I feel nervous. I’m either having a day-long anxiety attack or the baby is moving away from my lungs and I am re-realizing what it’s like to breath again.

    Also, I think TJ is going to pop by Whole Foods on the way home and get me some clear Popsicles and maybe some food to get things going as you mentioned.

    Also: pghgirl, I get the feeling I won’t want to listen to music either. But I guess we’ll bring the Bose and Nano combo just in case. I am so curious about how I will act during labor. So curious.


  18. omg! CHAPSTICK!!!


  19. I suggest NPR. It’s both calming and distracting.


  20. Oh yeah, chapstick is a big one. The air inside the hospital is usually so dry. And lotion if you usually use it. I’ve read that lotion or massage oil is good for the dads to massage the mom-in-labour’s back to help with the pain. Didn’t try it though.
    I agree with Alisha-you will definately be able to eat a horse, or something nearly that big after giving birth! If it is not a regular meal time, you may need to call for reinforcements to bring food!
    Maybe the baby not dropping thing is hereditary? My mom had 3 babies, and none of us dropped until she went into labour. So far, I’m the only one who has been pregnant, so I don’t know if it is just a coincidence.


  21. I just posted my list over on my blog if you want to check it out. :)


  22. I packed a big ol’ bag and I opened it once to grab my nursing bra. I gowned it the rest of the time. I wore the same clothes home that I wore going in. Don’t fret – whatever you forget, you probably won’t even notice. Car seat installation is a must.

    Hang in there – it will be over soon – you will be amazed at what your body will do!


  23. Hey I found you via twitter and “friends”. But I needed to add to this thread.
    I just have to say if you are nursing…a nursing pillow/Boppy whatever. First time nursing is so clumbsy and wrong. Hospital pillows suck big time for this major task.
    And HAIR BANDS or clips. I thought I was gonna ask for scissors at one point to just get rid of the hair. And mine was short!
    And take everything in your room. Diapers, creams, those strange mesh undies, pads whatever. You never know what you might need when you’re home!
    Yes to the chapstick!!! Hells yeah.


  24. The first item that popped into my head was chapstick and I see that I’m not the first to say that. I brought a couple of chapsticks because I was that serious about not having dry lips.

    I loved having my own pillow. I would recommend bringing a pillow and possible a blanket for Tobyjoe. We spent a couple of nights at the hospital and my husband was very glad to have a real pillow rather than what the hospital calls a pillow.

    I also recommend bringing a water bottle. I always wanted a really big glass of water not just a papercup full.

    I also just wore the gown at the hospital. I just didn’t care if I sat in the gown and I figured why dirty my own clothes when I could leave the gown for the hospital to clean.

    I can’t remember if you have mentioned if you will get a private room but if you do I recommend getting/making a sign to post on your hospital door that says something like “do not disturb! Mom and baby are sleeping” You will still have nurses coming in but it will keep the cleaners and other non-essential people out of your room so that you and Tobyjoe can spend some quiet time with your baby.

    As others have said I would bring snacks. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was after. I remember seeing my first meal come in and thinking that I didn’t like what was on the tray and then noticing that I had eaten everything on it and I was looking to eat some more.

    hmm. This turned into an epic comment. I hope that some of it is useful.


  25. Very helpful, everyone. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, we’re not going to have a private room. Can’t afford it. We’re going to stick to the semi-private, which is fine. However, Tobyjoe can’t stay over at all in those rooms, so we don’t have to pack anything for him after all. :] I heard that if I have a roommate, I won’t get much in the way of sleep (two nurses making visits to two babies and two patients) but that’s OK. I’ll deal. I have to!

    I hadn’t thought about the water bottle either. Great idea. You people are awesome.


  26. I can’t reiterate enough the Chapstick.

    I liked having foot lotion to rub my feet which for some reason started unswelling and rubbing helped. They weren’t swollen during pregnancy but just after delivery they got kind of mushy. I was told this is common.

    I recommend breath mints for Toby Joe…not saying his breath stinks….but he’ll be up real close to you and a little minty freshness will go along way.

    Also, you need a great big sense of humor.

    Can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.



  27. Having been there done that 3x.

    My 2cents.
    1. chocolate (for after)
    2. don’t buy the big giant pads, ask the nurse to give you xtras b/4 you leave.
    3. you are probably going to be really dismayed at the lack of stomach shrinkage…I would definitely bring maternity clothes to go home in.
    4. Most hospitals will put nursing signs on the door, you might get a private room w/o paying extra IF the hospital is not too full.
    5. like someone else said, clean out the room when you leave, take all the little diapers, creams lotions etc.
    6. If your favorite pillow from home, try not to forget it when you leave the hospital.
    7. Keep your fingers crossed that your roomie is a 2nd 3, 4, or 5 time mom, they are low maintenance and shouldn’t disturb you much or get many visitors.
    8. Since you’ll be nursing you’ll want to make sure to get the hospital gown for nursing, it’s different than the regular ones.
    9. Finally great advice I got from a nurse b/4 my 1st was born, don’t bother bringing nice pjs or slippers, they’ll be likely to get messed up w/the aftermath.
    10. lastly, when I had my first baby I made everyone listen to Sting’s brand new day cd over and over and over and over. 2nd time..hmm I watched the today show. Third Time, I had a friend come up to hang out for the birth so I talked/listened to her.

    If it helps any I prefered actual labor over the pregnancies. When I was pregnant w/my 2nd and 3rd, I looked forward to the birth and hospital stay. It’s the last time anyone was on call catering to my needs 24/7!


  28. I have to admit, I had a little withdrawal from all of the attention you are given in the hospital.

    Since you can not eat anything and they wont let you drink water, I brought a box of pedialite freeze pops and asked the nurse to put it in the freezer. Just take that beloved sharpee and put your name on it. This way you are getting the “ice” you need but it has all of the electrolytes and goodness to propel you through the “ring of fire” as Kelly Greening called it.

    chapstick and face moisturizer are key.

    Good luck momma.


  29. What is up with the no food and water?!
    My sister didn’t manage to eat much. We left it too late and she couldn’t really stomach much.
    She did have a little bit, but she drank water all the way through labor. She was encouraged to.
    I was the water girl.


  30. I think we’re allowed to have water and anything else clear for that matter. I thought so at least. that’s why we purchased a bunch of clear Popsicles yesterday as well as some apple juice.

    I hope so!


  31. I too was told to stay hydrated.

    Also my doula provided chup chup suckers. She said that not only did they keep your mouth moist, and some energy, but that the sucker also pressed on an acupressure point in your the roof of your mouth that aided labour.

    It couldn’t hurt and I like the flavours of Chup Chups.



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