Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 7)

We made bean burritos last night. Tobyjoe made a salad to go on the side as well corn on the cob. I know. That might sound a little weird. It sounded weird to me. Corn on the cob doesn’t really go with bean burritos, does it? But Toby wanted to put corn in his burrito, which didn’t end up happening. The burritos were too filling so we decided to save the corn on the cob for another day.

There’s a discrepancy to the story at this point. Tobyjoe claims that he wasn’t the one who left the corn in a metal bowl on the windowsill in the kitchen. But I’m absolutely positive it wasn’t me. And I am always right. There’s no way I would have done such a thing because I know that the windowsill in question is Murray’s favorite launching pad onto bigger and better kitchen appliances, such as the laundry machine or the kitchen sink. But Tobyjoe is certain that I left the bowl there. And so it’s become a battle of he said, she said. Let’s just say that someone in this household left the bowl of corn on the cob on the windowsill in the kitchen all night long.

I got up at 7 AM today. The first thing I do when I get up is pee. The second thing I do is brush my teeth. The third thing I do is feed and water the cats. I checked their water bowl first and discovered little yellow things floating throughout it. “That’s weird.” I thought. “Wonder what that’s all about.” I fed Tucker and Murray their Merrick’s and checked to make sure that Pookum had enough dry food. It took me a few minutes to realize where the yellow bits had come from.

Unfortunately, he’s still too small to flip them over, so his snack came to an end once he’d gotten all the exposed bits. The best part is that I know that at some point during the night he tried to lift them up out of the bowl and onto the floor below. How do I know this? Because on Sunday night he crawled into our trashcan and tried to liberate two chewed cobs. We watched and laughed as he tried unsuccessfully to air lift each cob to the floor. The cob clearly outweighed the little guy. And so he was left with no other choice than to consume his meal in the trashcan while I took photos of it.

I can’t believe what this little guy will eat! I only hope our son feels the same way about food. But I’m hoping he doesn’t dig it out of the trashcan.


  1. murray is clearly a freegan.


  2. What’s a freegan?

    I should also mention that Murray (Aka MYRTLE MAN) is now known as Cornholio.


  3. When I was vegan, a ‘freegan’ was someone who was vegan when it was convenient. Now the press has defined it as someone who only eats free food (usually found while dumpster diving).


  4. Interesting. Well, he is the latter but not the former. He’s not picky about what he consumes, that’s for damn sure. Meat, hair, veggies, fruit, rubberbands, you name it!


  5. I love corn on the cob!

    BTW, I posted on the previous story and it never showed up!


  6. Oops, I spoke too soon! The previous posting did show up.


  7. I absolutely LOVE your posts about Murray! He’s so cute!


  8. haha. My cat herman has a big thing for corn on the cob. He tries to get the cobs out of the trash. When he does, he will run across the house with it.

    I figure given the effort he has gone too that he can keep it. Until the dog gets it to it at least.

    PS if it is fresh and good, corn on the cob goes with everything. ev-er-y-thing.


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