Now THAT'S A Giving Tree.

I promised yesterday that I’d get a picture of the vagina tree of McCarren Park. Thoughts on the matter?

Usually there’s a great deal of vaginal adornment inside of it. But today it was empty. One big empty vagina tree. I reckon tonight, being a Friday and all, the tree will get some play. (I’ve already taken this too far, haven’t I?)


  1. my favorite spot in mccarren park is about 15 feet southeast of that tree.


  2. There’s a tree that used to look like that around the corner from my university’s library. But it’s grown so large now that it’s not as obviously vagina-like. But every time my mom and I pass it, she giggles and goes, “Haha, it’s the vagina tree!”

    So, you’re not alone in the giggles.


  3. Wow, that SO looks like a vadge.

    I had a tree growing up in our front yard that we penned the “Crotch Tree”. It literally looked like someone who was standing on their head, with legs in the air. The crotch area was most definitely vadge-like. I remember being somewhat distressed when I came home to visit my parents as an adult and saw that they’d cut down the crotch tree. I’m weird, I know.


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