The Passion of the Mihow

2:30 PM—Letter is sent via messenger to The Daily Show:

To: The Funniest People on Earth

From: A Girl on a Mission

Several months ago I printed an illustrated t-shirt featuring Monica Lewinsky sucking George Bush’s Pinocchio nose. At the time, I toyed with sending a t-shirt to The Daily Show as I think the staff might find it amusing. But I never did.

Last night, however, Jon Stewart joked about how Lake George was Bush’s Lewinsky and I thought it might be the perfect time. If you’re reading this, please pass this on.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Michele Howley

3:15 PM: I haven’t heard back from the messenger guy who told me he’d call if there were problems. I guess that’s a good sign, right? It’s either that or some messenger has three new Bush T-Shirts.

3:28 PM: Got a call from the messenger. Says the following:

“MIchele, I delivered the package to a man at the door. I had him promise me he’d bring it upstairs as I was not allowed up there. He assured me it would be delivered to someone. Call me if you hear anything.”

::throws up::

3:42 PM: Contemplates going down there and handing them out, too. Decides that a partner in crime is necessary. Fears being alone and in crowds.

4:09 PM: Called the messenger back and left a message thanking him.

4:34 PM: Decides to give one to Rush Limbaugh when he does his one man show on broadway in October.


  1. I’m so excited for you! Jon Stewart is gonna think its brilliant. You know they are all dying of laughter right NOW. That has to feel awfully good.


  2. To be perfectly honest, I will be absolutely blown away if anyone even opens the box. If someone delivered an unmarked package to me, I’d call the authorities. SKAREE.
    But it was fun while it lasted and at least I gave away some more T-Shirts. haha


  3. Ugh, i figured out what to do 1 hour too late!

    By messenger, I just would have sent the 3 shirts in an open shopping bag (the paper kind with the string handles) – we get/send stuff like that all the time.

    And i would have addressed it to one of their writers/producers that I would have learned the name of from watching the credits or looking up online.

    If this doesn’t work, you can try that.


  4. When I interned at a news station (in the newsroom) we often opened all the mail people sent, promotional stuff, etc. Sometimes if something was good enough it got people’s attention. Hopefully Comedy Central has a similar kinda thing going over there and it will indeed be passed along.


  5. Hope your servers can handle the traffic.


  6. Nothing will come from this. But I have a new messenger friend! And he has a Nextel Chirpy chirpy phone! Yay! YAY!

    ::calls again to annoy whoever he’s near::


  7. ::chirp::
    Mama bird to fledgling, have you delivered the package?

    Chirp! chirp!


  8. ::chirp::
    I’m Hungry.
    Type of bird is this?
    Gettin’ on subway, gonna chew on some wings


  9. ::chirp::
    I love cock


  10. Our college mascot is the sagehen

    The school cheer is ‘chirp’

    I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve heard “Chirp, I love cock, Chirp”


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