Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

Tonight is the Clap Your Hand Say Yeah show in Greenpoint. It’s a good thing it’s right next door to where we live because my old ass wouldn’t make it otherwise.

Toby might have to work late. So I might have to go alone. (Gulps) We’ll see. If any NY People want to play pinch-show goer, send me an email or give me a call.

I am a little worried that they might suck after lana called them “Clap Your Hands Say Yawn”. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Speaking of music, I purchased two tickets to see an added Death Cab for Cutie show in October. I freakin’ love this damn band. Can’t wait for that one!


  1. No, no, they’ll be good!! Lana wasn’t on the dance floor so she was poo-poohing from the bleachers.


  2. it’s true. i was lurking at the back with my camera.


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