Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 36)

I was going to write a story to go along with this photo, but I think the photo speaks for itself. Murray does this every single time we bathe Emory. Even after Emory begins to flap his arms and fling water everywhere, Murray remains.

Someday when Emory’s older and he and his friend Jim Brown are going through the Brown family photo album and they stumble upon the family photo staple featuring all three Brown toddlers in a bathtub, Emory can pull this image out in comparison.

I’m not sure if that fantasy makes me laugh or cry. Maybe both.

(Tub courtesy of Jen.)

(Please note: what appears to be soap scum along the rim of our tub is not soap scum at all. It’s actually the outcome of a poor caulk job done by our cheap landlords. That is all.)


  1. Your cat and my cat? Soul mates.

    We bathe our son in the big wide expanse of the regular tub (yes, one of us sits in there with him). The other one sits outside of the tub watching the festivities and getting splashed. Our cat Clyde, who apparently couldn’t stand the idea of ALL 3 HUMANS absorbed with doing something that didn’t involve him, had taken to standing on the edge of the tub, quietly analyzing and plotting. Until one day, one hilarious day when he simply couldn’t take it anymore, he plunged in!!…and just as quickly scrambled out, sopping wet, totally humiliated (as only a cat can be), leaving my husband and I laughing uproariously and my son confused as to what was so funny.

    Clyde refused to enter the bathroom for the next bath, but returned and sat on the edge of the sink for the second one. He is now back to sitting on the edge of the tub. One can only wager a guess as to how long it will be before he tries swimming again.


  2. This cracks me up.

    Makes me wish (yet again!) that I weren’t deathly allergic to all things furry.


  3. Adorable. Dub likes to take baths with me, too. :)


  4. Murray is human. Look at him mugging for the camera. That son of yours is damn cute.


  5. I know this is going to sound really weird but you guys (you, TobyJoe, Emory, Murray) make me really want to have kids. I would love to have a picture like this in a photo album to look at when I need a laugh or look back on for good memories when days are tough. Thanks for the little upper on a downer of a day :)


  6. That’s so cute! And what a beautiful photo.


  7. We have two cats that must be in the bathroom while we bathe our kid- I always thought that they were watching to make sure we weren’t torturing her, you know, because they hate water and all. They seem so worried!


  8. Emory sits real good! :-). Ellie can’t use that side of the tub yet.


  9. Frame that mofo. Instant classic. I love the baby/cat dynamic.


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