Yes, Somebody Really Is Selling a Diamond-Encrusted Pacifier.

One of the things I miss most about working in an office are those reply-all email threads that morph into something entirely different. Is there a term for this sort of thing yet? There should be. Basically, someone sends out a relatively mundane email. Someone responds with something witty or whatever. And things kind of grow and tumble from there. By the end of the thread, you’ve got a bunch of colored lines, maybe some random




>>>>>Perhaps a Re: Re: Re:

>>>>>>>or three.

in the subject field.

It ends up looking like a big textual mess that probably makes zero sense to anyone other than the initial people involved.

Those emails were always fun. I miss those emails.

Anyway! Yesterday, Toby forwarded the following email thread to me.

It all started with a missing labeler. (Read from the bottom up.)

Not much going on there. It appears the person in search of the labeler found the labeler by having a conversation with himself about the missing labeler. Case closed!

Not quite. In typical, smart ass Toby Joe fashion, he replied with a recent picture I took of Elliot:

And then someone did this:

And then this morning I woke up to this:

And finally, I learned that my Photoshop skills have really gone downhill since going to pastry school.

Incidentally, I feel a little gross photoshopping a tattoo onto a baby’s face. When he wakes up from his nap, I’m going to give him a big snuggle. And then throw him a few gang signs.

Edited to add:

I’m bound to have nightmares tonight. The latest addition emailed to me.


  1. This is the best example of a good Photoshop war, ever. Please keep that image and be sure to put it in his senior yearbook (or something equally embarrassing!). E is so gansta!


  2. Seriously, I want to want in a workplace like that. And I completely agree with Christen – that will be the BEST baby picture for the senior slideshow in eighteen years!!


  3. That is FARKING hilarious!


  4. I have had a rough day. This just made me so, so happy. Thank you for humiliating your child for me. Love, Me.


  5. You think this is humiliating? Wait until I post the videos I took of him directing human traffic in Disney World!

    Oh wait. No. That was my brothers and me.

    Thanks, SCBOB! ;)


  6. I love that. Your Photoshop skills work just fine for this purpose. Love it.


  7. Terrific! Say, can someone photoshop out the gun and replace it with a labler? Or add a loot bag o’er flowing with lablers. Or….


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