Cupcakes Inspired By Lollipops

I’m currently working with Etsy on something. I can’t really talk about it just yet. For starters, I’m not sure I’m allowed to. I’m also not really sure what’s going on just yet. What I do know is that my lollipops are involved. And I am as well. On top of that, they commissioned me to make cupcakes.

I had very little time to come up with something and so yesterday I hit the ground running.

I decided to create three flavors based on my lollipops. Why not keep my business consistent, right? Here is what I’ve done so far.

The First Trimester in cupcake form:

Lollipop: Lemonade candy and sliced ginger.
Cupcake: Ginger cake, lemon Swiss meringue buttercream icing, and candied ginger.

Mint Chip on a Stick in cupcake form:

Lollipop: Mint chip candy with colored sprinkles
Cupcake: Bittersweet dark chocolate cake, mint Swiss buttercream icing with colored sprinkles.

Rise ‘n Shine! in cucpake form.

Lollipop: Maple syrup candy with bacon bits. (100% VEGAN BACON BITS!)
Cupcake: Maple pound cake, maple French buttercream icing, and bacon bits.

Just a few things to note: I was completely floored at how well the cupcake version of Rise ‘N Shine came out. I never would have thought a bacon bit covered cupcake could taste so good! But! Alas! It does. The maple icing works really well with the saltiness of the bacon bits. I was pleased with my outcome.

The mint chip tastes JUST like the ice cream I had as a kid. This one is a dead-ringer to the lollipop.

The ginger cupcake paired with the fresh lemon buttercream works well too. But that’s not too surprising. Of course it does. I’ve eaten ginger lemon cupcakes before. It’s a match made in heaven!

I don’t know what to say, y’all. Thanks to Etsy, I’m now hooked. I want to roll them ALL out—weird or not. I need to try. So this is going to be my summer project.


  1. Fantastic news!! Best of luck to you on this new venture–I can’t wait to hear about the deal. BTW, if you need a taste-tester I’m your girl. I’ve got pounds and pounds of experience. *sigh*


  2. All this baking has had an impact on the running I see. Either that or your runkeeper app is not working.


    1. After Brooklyn, my legs demanded I take a break. My ankle was totally screwed for a while. And I’d been holding out until tonight, actually. A nice 5K through Wall Street for the American Heart Association. I managed! Nice running through normally busy streets. However, I’ve a new complaint: I LOATHE running in heat, or anything above 65. Bring on the freezing temperatures again!


  3. They look delicious! I want one…now.


  4. Oh my goodness! Those look fabulous! Please post photos when you make the other cupcakes.


  5. Does this rolling out involve us getting recipes for the cupcakes too? :D


  6. Oh my goodness!!! They look and sound amazing – and what a fantastic idea – cupcaks with matching lollipops! Fabulous.


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