What Terror Looks Like

Here is a shot of Em on Splash Mountain with my mom and dad. Of course we had to buy a copy because every time I see it, I laugh. But the kid is terrified.

I mean, look at his face. Terror. Pure terror.

When he saw the picture, he said, “What’s wrong with me?”

Kid, you’re terrified. Here’s a closeup.

Terror. Yet, I still manage to laugh when I see it. (Then I immediately want to give him a hug and tell him it’s gonna be OK and then probably laugh again because, dude, look at that face! So the bigger question might be, what’s wrong with me?)

Anyway, he skipped Space Mountain, of course. But I didn’t! That’s me in the front wearing my nephew’s mask.

Underneath it, I’m screaming too.

Speaking of hilarious faces of terror, Check this out. It’s hysterical. Be sure to click the “Play button” at the top. It’s probably the best thing I’ve seen online in ages.


  1. Both pictures are just 100% awesome.

    Poor Em does look terrified!

    I love pictures from rides, especially the Spaceship: Earth ride in EPCOT. That ride just begs you to make silly faces to be captured forever.


  2. Tears streaming down my face, that’s how funny that is. Thank you for posting.

    I especially love when he asked what is wrong with him. Perfect.


  3. I had to come back today to get another look. Tears streaming down my face AGAIN! I need some pics like this of my oldest.


  4. I’m torn between saying poor kid and uncontrollable laughing. He’ll love the pic when he’s older!


  5. OMG. Poor Em, forgive but I laughed until I cried.

    Bless his heart


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