My Family

Em’s teachers recently asked all the kids to bring in pictures of their family. I had to send two along since we don’t have any shots including all four of us. Are we a minority here? Is this common? I’ve been curious. Anyway, that’s no longer the case. Last Sunday, at my graduation, my father offered to take a shot of all four of us.

We need to remedy this. I think a professional portrait might be in order.


  1. I don’t know if its normal but the same exact thing happened to us…our most recent family portrait is from may 2010. Kinda scary sad, huh? Instead I sent him with like 11 photos to overcompensate, including 1 of the cat.


  2. The same thing happened to my SIL when her oldest son started pre-school! School asked to bring a family photo, and she didn’t have one either.

    Of course, she had a quick snapshot done for the first day! :)


  3. I think its common. I’m always amazed, though, when I go over to houses and people have all these amazing professional photos. All my photos seem to be done with an iPhone or Photobooth! You have an amazing family, you should get some professional photos!!! Even cheesy Sears portraits can have a certain charm!


  4. Go get a professional shot done WOMAN! If only so your children will have something to show their therapist when they get older. ;)


  5. That picture is so awesome!

    You’ll have to forgive me, I can’t remember the new baby’s name (you need to blog about him more often! j/k) But, does he look like Tobey Maguire?


  6. We’ve made a point to take a family photo at least once a year. Some years it’s crappy – just me with a remote, trying to capture us all looking at the camera.

    And, you graduated? Congrats!


  7. we only have 1 picture of all four of us too… we were on vacation in Ottawa, visiting my parents and we had someone else to take the picture:)

    We were given a gift certificate to get a family picture done at walmart (only place near us to do it really) when we only had Greyson, now almost 2 years later we still haven’t used it. Luckily i don’t see an expiry date on it anywhere. Every time we plan to go to the city to use it, one of the kids falls on their face and has a big bruise, or scratches their nose so they have a nice scab across their mug… oh well i guess we’re just gonna have to give in eventually:)


  8. Beautiful family picture!

    As a side note: Toby Joe’s tattoo is awesome-sauce. Love it.


  9. OMG you are such an adorable family! Sure, it’s time for a professional photo, but this one is the bomb of cute.


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