Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 128) A New Diet.

We got a new Kodak HD Zi8 so I decided to give it a try today. In typical Michele fashion, I haven’t read the directions and probably won’t. But I reckon I’ll figure out how to use it eventually. Anyway, here’s a short (uneventful) video of how Emory often feeds Murray (and others) at dinner time. Bon appetite!

In other news, forgive me for not updating YET AGAIN I got bitten by the inspiration bee recently and have been busying myself to try and get this new adventure up and running. Rest assured, once it’s complete (any day now!) mihow.com will be the first to know. Yay, projects! Yay, inspiration! Boo, lack of updates. Boo, me. More soon! I promise!


  1. so adorable how he says “Oh well” and “Oh my goodness” they have such a precious voice at this age :)


  2. So precious. Was Emory always so great with the kitties or did you have to teach him to “be gentle”(as I’m always saying to my son) and how to pet them with an open hand(as opposed to the grab-fur-and-yank that my son wants to do)?


    1. A mixture of both, PunkinP. It’s hard to answer this as I’m not sure how he might have been had we not been so diligent about telling him that animals have feelings and get hurt just like he does. We were very adamant about not causing animals harm with him from day one. We let him be near them as much as he wanted and didn’t much interfere unless it appeared someone was going to get hurt. Although, we decided a long time ago that if he hurt one of our cats on purpose out of cruelness, we would not interfere if the cat scratched him. Now, before everyone gets all crazy, our cats aren’t violent and wouldn’t cause him more pain than a possible scratch. So, yeah.

      But he was always pretty gentle with them. There’s been a few times where he’s done something that I thought might be a bit rough and we explained to him that what he did was mean. And we always make him apologize. :] But that’s only happened a couple of times and it wasn’t that bad.

      Overall, he’s just gentle with them. So, it’s really great. I’m an animal lover; I’m not sure what I would do if he were rough or mean to them. There’d be some serious talking to, I reckon.


  3. “Oh my goodness!”, awww! That is one adorable little man you have there. :)


  4. My daughter Charlie is about Emory’s age and we just got a cat “Dave”( inspired by Murray) this Christmas, overall she is very good with him, but as you said we have to remind her that Dave has feelings and can be hurt just like she can. We also decided that if she did something mean, on purpose to Dave if he scratched her she would have to learn that that was a consequence, and that was how Dave defended himself. I don’t think this is unreasonable at all. It is cause and effect. She has only ever caused a scratch from Dave a couple of times, and she has definitely learned that Dave will not stand for sitting on him, or picking him up by his hind legs…which she knows she is NOT supposed to do.


  5. That’s great! I applaud the way you teach him respect for animals. So far, so good with my little guy.


  6. Ack! Two of my favorite things! Adorable cats AND adorable children.

    This is great and so wonderful to see. I have to echo what everyone else has said and say how awesome Em is with the animals. Good on all of you.


  7. gee, you still managed to figure it out after NOT reading teh instructions?? um, good for you.. ??


  8. Emory is so darned cute! And Murray, too. :)


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