Anti-Bush T-Shirt Performance Art

On Sunday, Toby Joe and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge in order to check out the 9/11 WTC memorial in downtown Manhattan. I knew it was going to be an emotional day and figured I should try and make the best of it by throwing myself directly into it.

It took us about an hour to walk over the bridge and into the downtown area. We wandered around and snapped roll after roll of film. I brought some of my Bush T-shirts with me as I figured I’d give some away. (I didn’t want to turn any sort of profit on a day like that especially downtown where most people were mourning.)

A lot of people were putting up flowers, pictures of loved ones and balloons. So Toby suggested I put up a shirt up for all those to see. I didn’t feel right about putting it directly ON the memorial, there is a time and a place for politics, that was not one of them. Instead, we put it across the way, directly across from the urinals.

We were going to leave after that because I am a chicken shit. But Toby had an even BETTER idea and suggested our taking pictures of everyone’s reaction. Most of them laughed and only a few shook their heads. Several people took pictures of it. I couldn’t believe it but it was actually coming off to be quite a hit. A guy acted it out to his girlfriend and then brought her over to see for herself. One African American man laughed loud enough for us to hear him and then it happen again a few minutes later. While our goal was to have someone steal it and we had a few people who seemed interested, in the hour we stood there watching from afar, no one took the shirt but the reactions ranged anywhere from hilarious to a satisfied smile. Even if I don’t sell too many of these shirts, after yesterday, I felt really proud. Proud enough that I’m going to set up shop on Bedford this Saturday and just do it.

It was an interesting hour. I felt kind of like I was watching the Discovery Channel, you know, sort of like that DSW ad. We’ll have more photos once the film is developed.


  1. That’s so neat that you did that! You should definitely set up shop, girl. And I should definitely get off my ass and come visit you or just send a damn check already to get my shirt before they are so popular I can’t get one!
    This wedding planning/visa getting thing has been taking every ounce of me.


  2. haha! don’t you worry about that scenario. That’s totally not going to happen. I am way too much of a wimp to actually sell these things. Really. :] Not to mention, I really don’t like to have political conversations with strangers on the street corner. I tend to lose arguments like that. I get bellyaches from it.


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