Kevin Sites

Yahoo is sending a veteran journalist named Kevin Sites all over the world to cover every armed conflict there is and basically blog about it. It’s called the Hot Zone and it begins on September 26th. (More here.) I am not sure how I feel about this yet. I do like the independent media feel about it. I’d also like a constant feed of Anderson Cooper, too.


  1. Kevin Sites is badass.

    He pretty much came out as THE reporter in Iraq – reporting and shooting what no one else would, and putting it online immediately on his blog click me

    He broke a lot of stories that different governments tried to keep out of view.

    It’s really cool that Yahoo contracted him to do this – he’s been doing it freelance for years now—going into crazed areas, coming out with a story and selling it. It’s nice that someone is basically funding him in advance.


  2. Tough job for him, indeed. But I have to say, I think it’d be downright amazing to do. Granted, I’d probably last a day but still… what an interesting idea and what a unique way to see the world.


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