Leaving early Leaving

I was kidding about the resolutions. Except for maybe number two. I really want to go to Crater Lake. I always have wanted to go there. I knew what state it was in at one time, but now I’m not so sure anymore. Is it one of the Dakotas? Is it in Washington? Oregon? I just can’t remember. I should figure that out before I buy a plane ticket. :] And I guess we’re leaving for the day. Not sure what to do with today actually. I hear it’s nice out. Guess I’ll head home and figure it out from there…
See you all next year. Don’t drink too much.

Clean Air buses

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. Here’s to watching that 1000 pound ball drop, New York City turn into a sea of people, and TV stations showing long montages of still images set to slow music while we all get choked up behind our champagne glasses and noise makers. Seriously, is anyone doing anything fun? I think I’m staying in and watching TNT; They’re showing some 24-hour comedy marathon and I think I saw Dumb and Dumber in the line-up.
Question: Who do you think gets the “This Bus Runs On Clean Natural Gas” buses once they’re made? Are they given to the oldest employees? Or the newbies? And are they the buses the bus drivers want? I was wondering that yesterday as I was headed home. Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night…
Apparently, I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m sort of sleepy and I have some stuff to finish up before going home early.

Weekend etc

This weekend was uneventful, yet quite fun. Friday Toby and I headed down to our gym and watched two hours worth of the Sopranos (as we missed the entire 4th season, lacking HBO and all). I guess they’re showing it over again from the 26th until the 30th, two or three a night, but we haven’t seen it since Friday, so I still know nothing about season 4. Perhaps we’ll have to wait until DVD after all. We signed up for Netflix on Friday as well. And received movies by Saturday. Pretty cool. We received The God
, which neither one of us had seen, Revolution OS, which was mainly for my lovely, geeky boyfriend, who watched it in the middle of the night Saturday after I fell asleep. And we received SLC Punk, which I think I really liked at one time, but when we finally watched it, it was just sort of… well, not so good and way too message driven. So the winner is… The God
her. Of course.
We also ventured out on Saturday to the new theaters in Georgetown to watch Adaptation. I had seen previews for this for weeks and was so excited to see it. And I have to say, I was so let down. I think I was more let down, realizing I was so let down. I hesitate to say much about the movie as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone planning on seeing it. And perhaps my not-so-good reaction will further to de-hype it, giving folks a better chance to like it. The movie’s message or moral or meaning or point was destroyed by itself. Movie will eat itself. Which, ironically, is brought up in the movie by way of a snake tattoo. Ouroboros-the image of a snake or serpent eating its own tail. Creation out of destruction, Life out of Death, yadda yadda. Blah blah. Anyway, Charlie blurts out the name of said tattoo and then goes on to realize he is actually living this idea. And the movie goes on to do so as well. And I could say,

Well, that’s what it was meant to do-destroy itself. Therefore it must have been a good film. Right?

Nope. I’m not buying it. I am hoping About Schmidt will be better.
We rearranged our living area as well. After tossing out the tree, we had to. I am loving it now, thanks to Toby. It was his idea for this layout. And I think he summed it up by saying,

It no longer looks like a basement.

It’s not drastically different, just more open. It appears as though we have a lot less stuff. So that’s good.
I have pictures from the past few days. Not many, but some. And I have coffee. Yum. It’s 9 a.m. I should check my email and figure out what it is I have to do today.
What’s up for New Years? Anything? I think we’re gonna watch Dick like we always do. And eat. Yum.

Pinocchio movie

Was anyone up late enough to see Conan O’Brien last night? Holy sweet cow it was funny. He had Robert Benigni on as a guest, who is always amusing. But last night at one point Robert Benigni offered to give Conan his jacket if he doesn’t like Pinocchio, it turned in to them both stripping down and trading suits. It was so funny. Conan is a very big man. Benigni is quite small. You can imagine. :]


And so this is Christmas. I have to work for a few hours today. Well, not really work, just meet all of my coworkers little kids. It’s “Family Day” and I should have brought Toby. Kids love Toby. It’s rather freakish. But what a pain in the ass really, packing all the kids up, putting them into a car and driving them to work for a few hours so people can see them and tell their parents how cute they are. Oh well. Here I am, preparing myself for dishonest flattery. But I think that there will be cookies. I can eat cookies.
I was thinking about Christmas yesterday while on the bus, headed to meet Toby at Whole Foods. I was thinking about how nice it is with all the white lights and trees and red and green ribbons tucked between puffs of warm, human breath from cold weather. And how those red flower plantsetias, they sit there, in every window from here to home just begging me to pick them up. And no matter how cold it gets out there it feels warm. Perhaps it’s from all the oven heat, maybe it’s all the oven mitts, but it’s warmer during pre-Christmas. And then I thought about everything after December 31st and how January 1st brings new ideas, new projects and new bits of necessities which weren’t as important days earlier. Somehow, after Christmas, everything sort of gets colder. All the decorations come down and the temperature does as well. And it’s just cold. Snow falls to car driven streets and it’s gray instantly and nothing seems to smell as nice, even breads and coffee. I propose they rearrange the holidays to fall closer to the Spring. February is one of the worst months, let’s put it there.
Tonight, we lay low and eat food. Tomorrow we’ll open gifts and then head off to my brother’s house to open more gifts. I’ll probably watch “A Christmas Story” tonight and drink some wine. I’ll probably try and convince Toby to open some of his presents tonight. I’ll probably wish for snow and make a neighbor a white Russian. Who knows. :]
Merry Christmas, for those of you who celebrate. And, to the rest of you, enjoy the silence for a few days.


I feel like such a schmo. I just got the coolest little gift from a woman who works here. That makes three presents now from coworkers. I had NO idea they did this sort of thing, so here I am, empty-handed. That sucks. :[ I am scrooge. What’s the rule on this stuff? Is there one?

Boogers dude. Boogers.

Toby said,

Don’t tell that story! People will think, ‘First bugs, then crumbling walls, now this… they live in a shit hole!’

And I assure you, we don’t. And I also know Toby and how he really doesn’t care what I say or share on here, so here goes. (hehe, I’ll make it up to you, hon). But before telling this story I should tell you about a childhood memory.
I was around 6 and I was in the bathroom, ready to blow my nose all adult-like. Pickin it wasn’t so cool after finding that the weird kid in the first grade not only picked his, but he ate them too. And he sucked. Everyone knew that. So I’m in there doing my thing, and suddenly the tissue sort of pulls away in one place, leaving my nostril exposed. So one got away. I didn’t see it happen, but I knew it. I felt it leave. And so I looked EVERYWHERE. I mean, I scaled the walls, the ceiling, the tiles, the sink, the toilet and even myself. Nothing. No boogies anywhere to be found. So I finally gave up thinking

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was just some sort of pocket of air.

About three days later, maybe a week, we’re all sitting around the dinner table chatting and my mother says,

Kids, I can handle a lot of things. I can handle forgetting to flush the toilet, dirty cloths, skinned knees, even farts, but I have to draw the line at cleaning big boogers from the bathroom wall.

I was not only mortified (as there was a 50 percent chance on the finger being pointed at myself [Ryan wasn’t even old enough to hold his head up or eat, so he could not be blamed]) but shocked. I wondered,

WHERE did this woman FIND the damn thing!

The question bothered me so much, I almost confessed for relief. But I didn’t. We were done. It was over. And I didn’t admit to it until I was about 25 or so.
So the other day, Toby and I are talking in the foyer. I think we’re getting ready to head out… and I look over to my right, down the wall, about 2 feet from the floor and notice something weird. I peer in closer and there I see them, three of them, big manlike boogers standing there, peering back at me. I look at Toby, sort of speechless, ready to blame it on him and say

Dude, there are SNOT on our wall. Someone wiped snot on the wall right here.

I point.

SNOT. Can you believe that? Big boogers!

He takes a look and says,

GROSS! Clean it up!

There ain’t no way I was gonna clean that crap up. No way. I’ll clean up cat puke and cat pee and cat poo but not human snot. I draw the line at human snot. So Toby cleans it up with a 6 foot broom and a dustpan, scoops it away (along with some paint from the wall, telling us it’d been there for a bit and most likely the maintenance men did it when they painted our place a few months back). Snot.
I assure you, our place is very nice. And if Missy pops by or scbob or even my mother, I’m sure that they’ll back me up on this claim. I think perhaps it was just a little karma, for that time I was young and couldn’t place the contents of my own nose.
So fess up. What did you do?

Movin on up

Why did I think it was:

Movin on up
To the top.

and not:

Movin on up
To the East side.

I lost a bet because of this.

Cats firm

I have been informed by the law firm Schmittle, Schmittle and Pook that I have been evicted from my home for neglect.