I feel like such a schmo. I just got the coolest little gift from a woman who works here. That makes three presents now from coworkers. I had NO idea they did this sort of thing, so here I am, empty-handed. That sucks. :[ I am scrooge. What’s the rule on this stuff? Is there one?


  1. My co-workers do the same thing, but they’re more senior than I am. I guess the rule is the senior people get it for the junior members. Junior members, since they typically make shit money, aren’t expected to get anyone anything. I didn’t, at least. Oh well. It DOES make you feel like an asshole. Maybe send them a Christmas card or something, thanking them for the gift.


  2. Give food – sweets or cookies. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s always appreciated.

    Or, don’t worry about it. The holidays aren’t about that.


  3. there are none thats the problem, everyone has different expectiations. I for one, have none, honestly I don’t. but I know people that -even you you try hard to be thoughtful and attentive they still manage to look obviously dissapointed.
    those people who are infinitely thoughtful…It might also be to make themselves feel good. Or they’re actually really nice…in that case they don’t expect anything back (which doesn’t mean you can’t give back anything). but those are the really cool people.

    end rant


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