And so this is Christmas. I have to work for a few hours today. Well, not really work, just meet all of my coworkers little kids. It’s “Family Day” and I should have brought Toby. Kids love Toby. It’s rather freakish. But what a pain in the ass really, packing all the kids up, putting them into a car and driving them to work for a few hours so people can see them and tell their parents how cute they are. Oh well. Here I am, preparing myself for dishonest flattery. But I think that there will be cookies. I can eat cookies.
I was thinking about Christmas yesterday while on the bus, headed to meet Toby at Whole Foods. I was thinking about how nice it is with all the white lights and trees and red and green ribbons tucked between puffs of warm, human breath from cold weather. And how those red flower plantsetias, they sit there, in every window from here to home just begging me to pick them up. And no matter how cold it gets out there it feels warm. Perhaps it’s from all the oven heat, maybe it’s all the oven mitts, but it’s warmer during pre-Christmas. And then I thought about everything after December 31st and how January 1st brings new ideas, new projects and new bits of necessities which weren’t as important days earlier. Somehow, after Christmas, everything sort of gets colder. All the decorations come down and the temperature does as well. And it’s just cold. Snow falls to car driven streets and it’s gray instantly and nothing seems to smell as nice, even breads and coffee. I propose they rearrange the holidays to fall closer to the Spring. February is one of the worst months, let’s put it there.
Tonight, we lay low and eat food. Tomorrow we’ll open gifts and then head off to my brother’s house to open more gifts. I’ll probably watch “A Christmas Story” tonight and drink some wine. I’ll probably try and convince Toby to open some of his presents tonight. I’ll probably wish for snow and make a neighbor a white Russian. Who knows. :]
Merry Christmas, for those of you who celebrate. And, to the rest of you, enjoy the silence for a few days.


  1. Mihow knows not of what she speaks! There is nothing more special for a parent than showing off their kids. I have never been more proud of anything that I have done, than I am of the prodigy I helped produce!

    Later tonight that might have been the wine speaking.


  2. mmm…

    whole foods r0xx0rz…


  3. But don’t folks realize that there are a billion little rug rats running around and if they’re not somehow direcly related to you, in some way, they really just all tend to look the same?


  4. yeah, right, michele, and they’re all crackheads and killers, too.



  5. Thank you, Tobyjoe! I wasn’t sure I should say that on here.

    I went downstairs a bit ago to check it out, the kid room. And they’re all in there coloring and eating pastries. It’s kind of cute actually, Except for the few screaming kids, they need to shut up and drink the juice box.


  6. “they need to shut up and drink the juice box.”

    best mihow quote, EVER…


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