Clean Air buses

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. Here’s to watching that 1000 pound ball drop, New York City turn into a sea of people, and TV stations showing long montages of still images set to slow music while we all get choked up behind our champagne glasses and noise makers. Seriously, is anyone doing anything fun? I think I’m staying in and watching TNT; They’re showing some 24-hour comedy marathon and I think I saw Dumb and Dumber in the line-up.
Question: Who do you think gets the “This Bus Runs On Clean Natural Gas” buses once they’re made? Are they given to the oldest employees? Or the newbies? And are they the buses the bus drivers want? I was wondering that yesterday as I was headed home. Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night…
Apparently, I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m sort of sleepy and I have some stuff to finish up before going home early.


  1. Almost all of State College’s buses are the clean ones you refer to.

    We will be having dinner with friends at the Tavern. Weather permitting, and it doesn’t look good right now, we’ll attend First Night festivities including the ice sculptures and fireworks at midnight. I’m the “official” link to the weather forecast for the Arts Festival folks. I alone can cancel the fireworks on a prediction of heavy rain. Oh the rush of having so much power over the lives of so many!!!!!


  2. if the fireworks are anything like the ones this past July 4th, go ahead and cancel them!


  3. happy new yearz from dreary lexington, KY
    watched TNT as well
    cop’d new roots and nas albums.

    good eating over here.


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