I Have No Shame.

You know how some bloggers only post attractive pictures of themselves? NOT THIS BLOGGER!

Check this out:

OK! So I had to buy this for a few reasons:

One: The socks.

Two: Age 2.

Three: The bags under my eyes are growing increasingly more envious of my double-chin. I just needed proof. I have it now.

Four: It appears I’m molesting my left nipple.

Five: My KT Tape is showing. (Proof I should not have “run” on Sunday. Run is in quotes because I hobbled through this race. It was a 4-mile race. Four miles is pretty easy for me these days. I welcome a 4-mile run. But I’d run a pretty decent 10K the day before so my legs were screaming. I needed to recover. Also: I got my period on Saturday morning.)

Six: It looks like I might be having an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Seven: I look like The Joker.

Eight: I apparently have gills.

Overall this image is a whole lotta unawesome, which makes it thoroughly more awesome. So I had to buy it and share it.


  1. I’m sorry, but that’s frickin hilarious. I am literally LOL. A framer, for sure!


  2. The nipple remark made me snort! Thank you for the laugh. At your expense!


  3. #4 – spit take. Awesome.


  4. Best race photo EVER. I love that you shared it with us!

    But really, I LOVE the socks!


  5. Thanks for sharing. Usually when my eye bags compete with my double chin I delete that photo before anyone can get to the camera.


  6. Okay. Your photo is awesome b/c it lacks all the things my photos always have that keeps me from buying them:

    1) Unflattering sweat patterns. Either you don’t sweat or you have found clothes that don’t show it! I WANT THOSE CLOTHES!

    2) Boobs on the down swing. I hope this isn’t too personal but your boobs look GREAT. Mine always are swinging DOWN and are therefore by my belly.

    3) Nips. I need more padding in my sports bras b/c mine always show in race photos.



  7. Ha! Oh, zoot. You should see the pictures from the race the day before. Talk about nips! It’s too bad too, because otherwise, it’s a better shot. But I’d have to photoshop out the nips.

    The best part about the socks aren’t even in full view. There’s a skull and crossbones on the back. :)


  8. You are awesome for posting this. And buying it! Gah–I DETEST my race pictures.
    What you do have going for you here–which I *never* do–are fantastic, enviable legs. Like, no jiggle/muscle movement showing whatsoever. Mine always look like poorly-elasticized tubes of cottage cheese.


  9. I think you look totally awesome. I won’t comment on the socks, though.


  10. I love this post! I always used to burst out laughing at my NYRR race photos too (recently saw this image elsewhere, so true, so true: http://bendoeslife.tumblr.com/post/19080712603/volume-2-volume-1), to the point where our wedding photographer wanted to take shots of my husband and I running, and I thought to myself, “okay, I’ve seen enough race pics to know how these are going to turn out.”


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