1 Easy Diet Rule: My Ass.

Let me get this right, Internet ad: Hit the clinic. Have abortion. Lose 10lbs. Visit tanning bed?

I joke because this is absurd. Who falls for this garbage? Clearly two chicks, one of whom is roughly 6 months pregnant.


  1. Those ads are ridiculous! You found a particularly hilarious one, though.

    Have you seen the ones that say “Obama wants moms to go back to school”? I see those ones just as often. I heard on NPR that those ads are completely false. There are no new grants available for mothers. It’s pretty crazy that people can advertise total lies on the internet without any repercussions.


  2. I have absolutely no comment on the CLEAR CREDIT GIVEN to the person who found this ad, made that joke, and… swept the apartment tonight. NO CREDIT.


    1. you didn’t come up with the joke! Just the ad. You’re a FIBBER! A BIG FIBBER, TOBYJOE!

      But thanks for sweeping.


  3. what about “eat healthy” ?

    i must have lost at least 20lbs in 2 months by eating veggies , quinoa , and amaranth… and then running 3 miles a day.


  4. That is absolutely hysterical!


  5. I admit that I could like that after about a ten margaritas, a couple of giant burritos and no bathroom facilities but the before picture does look like she’s most likely with child.

    The other ones I love are the ones when the before and after pictures of their faces also clearly look nothing a like. Its as if after losing so much weight you can completely transform into another person. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gullible people in the world, I mean I’m still waiting for the transfer of funds into my bank account from the Nigerian guy who needs help but that’s totally legit right?


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