This Is Not A Rope.

This morning I was searching online for fonts when I got aquatinted with this one:

In the browser it looks like this:

And I’m not sure whether this person is a sick, sick bastard or just has a wicked sense of humor, so I send some iChats to Toby Joe and I’m all, “OMG THIS GUY DESIGNED A FONT CALLED RAPE AND USED ROPE AS LETTERS!” And I realize midway through this iChat that the “a” is actually an “o” and the font is called ROPE. (Duh.)

Here are the two letters side-by-side:

The graphic designer in me thinks that he could have made this a leeeetle bit clearer. 


  1. I have seen that font and thought the SAME THING. WTF? There is another typeface that’s made up entirely of penises (I believe it’s called “Dong Casual” haha!). Whatever you are working on, I think you should use that!


  2. oh yeah cause the o and the a are clearly different. jeez.


  3. Totally says Rape. I bet it was intentional.


  4. LOVE that font!! Very very cool! Thank god it’s an “o”. That’s something I would do! You’re not alone.


  5. Ha ha–I got that it said “Rope” but thought you were posting it like, “OMG, got me a rope to strangle myself with, I have a toddler!”

    Tee hee.


  6. haha this is hysterical. love nuances like this!


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