Photos From The Bronx Zoo

We went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday. I can’t put into words how awesome of a day we had. It was probably one of the best days of my life. 

Here are a few pictures from our visit.


We rode the insect merry-go-round. Em was fine at first, but it started to freak him out toward the end. We had to hold him for the last couple of rotations. And it made Toby Joe sick, which is hilarious. 

We took him to the bird pond. He loves birds, especially ducks. He quacked at them. And I find it particularly amusing that he was most impressed with an animal that crashed the place.

Here he is looking at the ducks and diving birds.


We stopped by to say hello to the giraffes and, I’m sorry, but giraffes are the weirdest looking creatures ever. Plus, how can something survive by only sleeping 20 minutes per night? Deep sleep or not? They’d make excellent new parents! Anyway, we stood there in awe of them.


Now that it’s spring, we’re going to make this a regular weekly thing. The New York Aquarium is on our list of places to visit, as well as the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and The Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I’m really looking forward to watching Em’s eyes light up on a regular basis. It’s like being a kid all over again.


  1. Sounds great. But do you ever catch a giraffe taking a header into that tromp l’oeil wall?


  2. Awwww. These are lovely.


  3. Those are so cute. We took Evan to the Toronto Zoo last summer and he was mostly in awe of the Geese that took the place! Your future plans look lovely as well!


  4. Totally understand how awesome it is to watch the little ones’ faces at zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, etc.

    And I also understand how amusing it is when your child’s favorite zoo animal is the duck. Matthew was not all that impressed by the pandas or the elephants, but those ducks? Well, now THOSE are exceptionally cool animals!


  5. What is it about the ducks!?

    And he also had a full on conversation with the pink flamingos. At one point, he pointed at them and started yelling, “Boo boo! Boo boo!” I am not sure if he thought they were bleeding underneath that white coat? Or if those weird things they have naturally wrapped around their knees…

    We informed him over and over again that they weren’t hurt at all—just weird looking.

    It was pretty hilarious. All around. A hilarious day.


  6. He has such pretty eyes!


  7. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is awesome. If you ever want company, we’ll go too…


  8. Brad, you made my day with that image.


  9. I only now got Brad’s comment. Hilarious.


  10. my niece loves the Brooklyn Children’s Museum:

    so many fun things to play with!


  11. How kick-ass is the bug carousel? For us, I think the highpoint was the chair-lift, which was – and I can almost never say this about experiences where my kids are present – preternaturally peaceful.


  12. I don’t think the chair-lift was open. It’s off season right now. The place was empty, which was awesome, but that also meant not every exhibit was open. (The children’s zoo was closed, for example and most all of the photo op booths.)

    But that’s ok! Because we basically had the entire zoo to ourselves.

    We’ll go back again whenever it’s fully open.

    Erica: Em loves that museum. After we went there recently, he took the longest nap of his life—3.5 hours! It done wore him out!


  13. Oh, we’ve been wanting to do this with Anthony! How long was Emory able to handle at the Zoo? I was thinking of getting there when it opened at 10iah and that we’d last about 2.5, maybe 3 hours including a little lunch. Does that sound like about what emory was able to do?


  14. I love the bug carousel, never seen an insect one before. Poor Giraffe, no wonder Melman has so many medical issues. Your pictures are great!


  15. Patty: We got there at 10:30 (when it opened) and stayed until just after 2. He was fine. He was able to walk around there safely, so he was happy.

    Nora: Thanks!


  16. you should look into getting a membership. not sure how much it is, but you then get unlimited admission to the aquarium, bronx zoo, central park zoo (and the children’s zoo), and maybe something else as well. i used to take the girl i babysit for to the central park zoo every saturday in the summer and she never got sick of it.


  17. Just checked, it’s $120 a year for two adults and a child, free admission to bronx, central park, queens, prospect park zoo, and aquarium. I also recommend the puppet shows at the central park zoos.


  18. that’s the good stuff for sure and makes all the hard stuff worth while! your boy is one gorgeous little guy. wait until you take him to the natural history museum. that was annie’s favorite spot when we visited nyc around em’s age. she was totally fascinated by the dioramas. they are pretty darn amazing. and i recommend the thanksgiving parade this year. i know most new yorkers think it is too touristy, but it is a wonder for kids and shouldn’t be missed.


  19. Love the pictures – he’s so beautiful! Warmed my heart to ‘hear’ you say it was one of the best days of your life!


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