36 Weeks. (Woe is Me)

I’ve been tasked with finding a pediatrician by tomorrow. I’ve known about this for two weeks but I’ve totally ignored this impending deadline. As much as I’d like to use the pediatrician at my current OBGYN, it’s not the easiest place to get to especially with a newborn. I can’t take a newborn on the subway and parking for free in the city is nearly impossible. Paying to park would run me at least 25 dollars and paying for a cab each and every time I have to get to the doctor is not in our budget. (My doctor is on the Upper West Side. We live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. See map below.)

All that said, I’m trying to find a doctor a little closer to home and this isn’t easy. I don’t mind going to second-rate doctors if need be, but I am going to be a lot more cautious when it comes to the baby. I’m hoping that the doctor I have in mind (and I do have it narrowed down to one office) will be totally awesome.

I put on two more pounds last week. I’m not happy about it at all. My feet aren’t either. I have put on 28 pounds since getting pregnant. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get up off the couch, pry myself out of bed every other hour in order to pee, and pick up around the house. And I don’t sleep well at all these days. I’m lucky if I get 3 hours at a time. Perhaps this is nature’s way of preparing me for a plethora of sleepless nights once the baby is born. Here are a few pictures of me and my belly. Check out the scary tattoo around my bellybutton!

I finish up 36 weeks tomorrow at which point my doctor’s appointments become a weekly meeting. Tomorrow we start the internal exams to see if my cervix has “effaced” (the shortening or thinning of the cervix). My doctor is also going to check to see if I’m dilated. I’ll also get to see what position the baby is in during an ultrasound. I’m looking forward to seeing him again but getting to the doctor every week from here on out without being able to drive is going to be tough. I won’t lie. (Damn walk to the subway. Damn subways stations and their stairs. Damn riders and their inability to give up their seats.)

Let’s see, I also started applying this stuff to my nipples twice a day. The application routine remains very much the same every day. I start to put it on, it hurts, I scream, “THIS AIN’T NOTHING, BITCH! DEAL WITH IT! IT’S GONNA GET SO MUCH WORSE!” I put myself through Boob Camp twice a day, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman style. (That makes for my second war movie reference in two days.)

What else…. My mother gave us her car, which has been incredibly awesome because it has air conditioning and it doesn’t leak through its roof. (The Volvo has a leaky sunroof). Speaking of the Volvo, it’s for sale as of today. I’ve purchased signage for it. All we need to do is give her a nice bath and clean her out. I’m hoping to get enough cash to pay for everything else we need to pick up before the baby arrives. It will be sad to see the Volvo go, but moving two cars in order to abide to the daily alternate side parking calendar has been really tough. And that will only become tougher once the baby is born. So, if you know of anyone who wants a really sweet looking 31-year-old, 164 Volvo, please send him or her my way.

It’s hard to believe that in just 3 or 4 short weeks I’ll be a mother. I can’t wait to meet the baby. I can’t wait to sleep on my tummy again, flip over without groaning, shave my legs quickly, tie my shoes properly. I’ve employed the infamous “side knot” for two months now.

I can’t wait to eat sushi, have a beer, drink some high-octane coffee, shed some of this weight (my goodness, do I ever need to shed some weight), and eventually go for a jog. As my due date gets closer, my patience with being pregnant becomes effaced.


  1. You’re in the homestretch girl, you can make it! Those last few weeks seem like forever but you can do it. Just remember it is all worth it in the end! :o)


  2. In the top portrait, it look like to are balancing on a flesh baskeball.

    You can’t tie your shoes, but at least you don’t have pregnancy canckles, right? a positive.

    When does your belly button pop out? Does that always happen?


  3. wow. could I have made more typos in the last comment? You know what I mean.


  4. i think my childhood pediatrician was in stuy town or peter cooper village.

    maybe try to find something around there? you know, hospital association and all.


  5. Nico, of course I knew what you meant. typos are welcome.

    I had cankles for about a week. It was really gross. But last night I noticed that my bones were showing again, so that’s good.

    My bellybutton makes an outward appearance only sometimes. But it hasn’t fully popped out yet. I have a feeling it’s only a matter of days, however.

    Tien, around where? Which hospital?


  6. I think you look beautiful, although I understand feeling like a big ol’ baby satchel.

    I’m ready to not have all of this pressure on my business. Everyone is all to happy to tell me, “Just you wait, this is nothing!”. Geeee thanks. :)


  7. Mihow: I think you look great! I am six weeks behind you and have gained nearly as much weight. I’m pretty sure I have another 10 pounds to go, too, but that’s what breastfeeding is for, right? ;-). My doctor, by the way, says my weight gain is “ideal” though I think they go a lot easier on us in the UK on the weight issue! I wonder what my former American doctor would say…


  8. KidKate, I don’t think I put on too much actual weight but I was overweight to begin with by a good 10 pounds. So I guess I feel like it’s too much. I wanted to stick with the 25 pound total range. Ah well.

    You are right, breastfeeding will help!


  9. well, i was born in new york infirmary (no longer there), which was across from beth israel. and the pediatrician’s office was at 20th and first, i think.


  10. I’m sure the majority of the weight will disappear in the first few weeks, mine did.

    About the lanolin? If it seriously hurts-you may be allergic to it. It SHOULD NOT HURT! I use it on my nose if it is chapped when I have a cold, and use it on my son’s cheeks when they get chapped. It has never hurt a bit when I used it on sore nipples, it makes it feel much better.

    To Amanda-yes, the pressure will go away all at once! And don’t worry about the horror stories of labour…we’re all different, and we all make it through.

    It’s very different in BC, regarding pediatricians. You are only allowed to go to them if your child has a disease/condition/serious problem, otherwise you just go to the family doctor. We saw a pediatrician when my son was 4 days old because he was very jaundiced, and the gp wanted a second opinion, and him to be sent for blood tests. We had to be referred, however, and can’t go back of our own accord without another referral.


  11. The Lanolin hurts to put on because my nipples are sensitive. it’s not a topical pain. :] All is fine regarding the epidermis.


  12. Ah, well, try not to be hard on yourself. I too had gained 10 pounds (after getting married!) and hoped not to gain too much, but eh. And you certainly don’t look overweight—you look like you’re doing great!


  13. Ahh..the sensitivity, THAT I don’t miss about being pregnant for sure. Are you sure the lanolin is helping??? I remember not being able to stand facing the shower spray without covering up the nipples with my hands…for all of my pregnancy, and the first while of breastfeeding. I hope all the guys are enjoying this conversation thread! ;p


  14. seriously, i gained about 40 pounds during my pregnancy. piece of cake to get off. the stretch marks, that’s a whole other story. stop sweating it! it’s all for a good cause.


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