The New York Post Project.

In order to live up to my flakiness, I have come up with another pet project. I know that some of you are thinking, “Oh, here we go again! Another pet project! What a flake!” That’s me. I’m Pillsbury in a can. I’m a hot biscuit on a Sunday morning. I’m a boardwalk elephant ear. I’m dried skin. I’m old paint. Pick at me, peel me up, but there will be more. There will always be more.


First, there was Self-Portrait Day. Then, there was Cool-Props. Next up we had Spread. There was IhateDesign. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Hurricane Project, which I’m still trying to edit together. There were the Bush T-shirts I had printed and then didn’t sell because I’m too much of a wimp. And these projects, my Internet friends, these are just a few of the Internet projects. I also have personal projects of the real-world, tangible variety. I have signed up for classes that have nothing to do with my career. (And often.) I join social groups such as soccer leagues, marathon runners, potters, yogis, bakers, and pet-friendly organizations. You name it—I’m interested. You’re talking to someone who decided to move to England over an evening cup of coffee and had everything worked out by 9 AM the following day. You’re talking to the someone who moved in with a guy after three weeks of knowing him. (I would have married him before that had he asked me to.) You’re talking to someone who got an apartment in NYC while on a business trip for a company in DC.

If you’ve been reading this for a few years, or if you’ve known me for longer, you’re probably aware of my whims. And given how much I annoy myself, I’m certain I’ve annoyed you.

And I wish I could change that part of myself. I do. I can’t. Instead, Tobyjoe has agreed to warn me when I start becoming too manic because usually I can’t see it.

This particular pet project was approved by Tobyjoe because it doesn’t hurt anyone, not even myself. I’m not going to take out a 30-thousand dollar loan or get burned by hot, molten glass. I’m not going to go into debt buying books for people and mailing them halfway across the nation. I’m not going to run until I destroy my knee or break a toe. I’m not going to end up with about 300 rags sporting an illustration of President Bush. And I’m certainly not going to end up full of debt and depressed when I come down from it (and you know that I will). Let me reassure you, that if I have irked you in the past, I’ve been even more annoyed with myself.

But I got the go-ahead for this one. Tobyjoe agreed to let me work on this one. He’s even lending me his lens. This one is called the New York Post Project. I only have four pictures thus far because I didn’t really put together the idea until four days ago. You may be asking, “Why? Why is mihow doing this?” Well, I’ll tell you why. I think the New York Post has some freaking hilarious headlines. They have made me laugh out loud as well as groan. I figured this would be a fun way to share with the rest of the world what New Yorkers probably take for granted.

We’ll see how it goes. I started a set over on Flickr as well where people can leave comments if they wish. Come visit if you have a moment. Let me know what you think.


  1. Mihow, I love your projects. I think it’s fabulous that you are interested in so many things and do something with your interests. And it’s OK if these projects don’t last a lifetime. Just do them for as long as it keeps your interest then move on. The good news is that you’ll find something else to fill the space.


  2. i think this is a great project! like an historical collection of headlines and readers (faces and clothes to put the story in a timeframe). one hundred years from now, your project will be studied in sociology textbooks to catalog the common wo/man of new york city. excellent.
    BTW: have you seen that show on Bravo called Daily News? or is it Tabloid Wars? either way, it follows reporters from teh New York Daily News around town chasing after and reporting stories. but i’ve only seen bits and pieces. as a new yorker, where does the Daily News rank in comparison to the Post?


  3. I did something similar, yet completely different, a few years ago.

    Amazed at how completley tasteless the Daily News / NY Post headlines were, I started collecting copies so I could make a short film about the origins of each headline. ( i remember the staten island ferry crash headline was ‘ten dead, he fled’, and my origin for that one was two drunk guys in Knicks jerseys watching a game, getting a phone call, chugging on a beer, bashing heads and one prompte the other with “Ten Dead!”, who answers “He Fled!!”)

    I wanted to make it 10minutes long- 1 minute each headline x 10 headlines. But I never got past 5 of either though. I lost the stack of papers when I quit MOB, so I’ll have to start again.

    The post is amazing.


  4. you make me feel sane.


  5. What if I want to date one of the guys in the pictures you take? Will you get their info for us? Hook a sista up! ;)


  6. I wish you’d started in time to get this one


  7. John, that was one of my favorites. That and “Collision in the Ouchfield”.


  8. not to worry, john & mihow. there will be more. many, many more.


  9. I have about 75 active projects. I think the trick is to not give up, even if you don’t touch a project for a year. And to remove any sense of obligation from your psyche about “working” on them. With these two rules, and a plethora of projects, I’m confident that people like you, when we’re in our 70’s, will be renowned for the sheer volume of amazing shit they’ve accomplished. Don’t give up those projects.


  10. I agree with rick.

    And not just because he’s my boss.


  11. i’ve still never given up on or

    one day i really should

    but michele’s projects are so much more worthwhile. and stuff she can show her kids who will say ‘oh cool’


  12. Jonathan, you’re like the most charming person in all of Williamsburg with that talk.


  13. you should see me when i try to get models

    there’s a chance i might have to finance some of my legitimate enterprise attempts with pornography

    i’ve sadly been looking into things.


  14. Seriously, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep at night if I were you.

    And quite honestly, I don’t really want to see you scout for models. The whole idea depresses me (and I’m pro-porn just not pro abusing the underaged).


  15. i’m not actually looking for models… i have a potential business partner who is handling that.

    by potential business partner, i mean i know a guy who knows a bunch of strippers.

    i’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it legitimately—ie: if i have to sink this low, i at least want to make sure people i employ have health care options, make decent royalties, etc

    eh, its depressing. sorry i went off on it.

    i’m me and i can barely sleep at night. so you’re not far off in that thought.


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