It’s funny how often I bring this show up. I have only seen it twice but I have another question. Last Sunday, during a rerun of Alias (where they recap everything and she was the hot art-show girl), there was a song played midway through the episiode that I really liked. I watched the credits and nothing. If any one knows what it is or how I might find it please let me know I will give you some Jello-O.


  1. if it helps:

    chick singer. slower. sort of sounded mazzy starish.

    yeah. sure that helped. :/


  2. and it’s not mazzy star?…


    aren’t there obsessed fanboy sites out there for this kind of information?…


  3. maybe it is. I’m sure there are fanboy sites out there, but I’m afraid of getting lost there or something.


  4. Because I am your Alias bitch, I found out that it’s one of these three songs:

    Stars – “Going, Going, Gone”
    Garbage – “Tornado”
    Lisbeth Scott – “Be Still My Soul…”

    My money is on Stars, whom I know nothing about. From here it’s up to you.

    This site recaps the episodes and includes songs in each:

    That is all.


  5. there’s also this:

    didn’t you say it was ep 4 the other day alias guy? or i could just be on crack…

    my memory is crap…


  6. Thank you. I promise I will stop talking about Alias now. :)


  7. I think it was episode 6 – at least that’s where those songs were from. That page will give you the episode 4 songs as well, though.

    If you quit talking about Alias, what will I do and where will I go?


  8. I will NOT quit. :)

    I thought you might want time off or something. hehe

    Oddly I do have a lot of questions. Which makes me think I might like that show. Too bad they’re not airing them in order like you said.

    I will buy that cd on my way home. If it’s the right one, I shall upload said song tomorrow.

    Thanks again, mister alias guy.


  9. buy? cd? isn’t that what audio galaxy is for?


  10. Can you get the entire cd? I have this thing… must be organized as if I had purchased that cd. Is this an option? IS IT?!!



  11. its kinda hard to get an entire cd from audiogalaxy—if you see ’.zip’ or ‘album’ in the filename, then thats prolly the cd

    otherwise, do this

    browser 1 – open to
    browser 2 – open to or

    get the tracknames from one, get the songs off the oher

    takes a little time (about 5mins an album) but its cheaer than $14.99 for a fucking piece of plastic


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