Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 129) Murray Scares Emory. A Video.

Emory and Murray have become even closer, something I didn’t think was possible. Yet. Here we are. I am often too late at filming their interactions because I’m usually too busy enjoying them to run for the camera—I don’t want to miss anything! But I’m trying to have it more handy. We’ll see!

Anyway, here’s a short video that might give you an idea of how much Murray actually plays with Emory—toys with him. I hope you enjoy it!

I love how nonchalant Murray is at first. And then he hides as if he’s scared and then BAM! It’s an all out run! Every time Emory watches this back he cackles.

Kids + animals = world of awesome.


  1. I heart this video so much. Tuesdays can’t come around too quickly, imho.


  2. Best. Ever.

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face today.


  3. Love it! That is the best ever. I’m so showing that to the kidlets in the morning.


  4. I love this. So much.

    Sometimes I think it would be awesome if you could rent out Murray’s services for birthday parties or bar mitzvahs, like a furry little clown. He just brings out the laughs and entertainment so effortlessly, you know?


    1. I know! He’s a great little creature, brings a great deal of joy into our lives, that’s for sure. I would totally rent him out and often wish I could take him out with us to the playground or park so the other kids could get a kick out of him too. But he’s oddly and freakishly shy at first. It took him weeks to finally come out and play whenever the nanny’s here. Heh

      This is going to make me possibly sound a little crazy, but sometimes Murray makes me believe in reincarnation. Like, him alone. Solely because I can’t help but think he’s an old soul.

      Glad you guys enjoy him so much too.


  5. My pets totally make me wonder about reincarnation too, especially my dog.

    Sometimes I’ll be talking to him and I’ll say something funny, and he actually smiles and “laughs” in reply. That’s usually when I ask out loud, “Who is IN THERE?”

    I guess we’ll just have to live with our curiosity and suspicions. Old souls indeed.


  6. super cute!

    i agree with the reincarnation thoughts expressed; sometimes you can just tell when there’s an old and experienced soul.

    one of the other things i often think about is how strange it is that my cats don’t speak. i talk with them and they do talk with their meows, and i absolutely believe they make deliberate choices (a la murray pretending to be scared and hiding under the bed to play with emory) – i see it all the time with things my cats do as well – but i still find it kind of bizarre that they’re always around and yet no conversations have ever occurred. it would be fun to know what exactly goes on in their heads, what they think about, and to have a two-way verbal conversation with them!


  7. Oh, and just so you know, my kiddos all loved that too. My youngest boy wants a cat now. Or, no, not a cat, he wants a “Murtie”, as he says.


  8. Oh, mihow! How I love these videos. I started watching the Murray/Emory videos after you posted that one with Murray chasing Emory around your apartment on the Dooce Community. I have showed that one to my husband and every person I work with. I watch it when I’m feeling down and I get an instant lift (I hope that’s not creepy for you).

    Also, Murray has made me want to get a cat. I mean, I love all animals, but I always considered myself primarily a dog person. Murray is encouraging my inner cat lady!


  9. Oh, Roo! First of all, nice to see you sweetheart! And second of all, that makes me so happy regarding the cat thing. They are amazing creatures, just like their canine friends.


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