Mom It Down: Chai Lollipops (For Sale!)

I love chai. My love for chai is actually why I took up candy-making again a while back. I wanted to make a chai lollipop for myself. Unfortunately, I realized right away that I wouldn’t gain instant gratification; I’d have to make an extract first. So, I revisited my homemade whole wheat chai muffin recipe and came up with a water-based extract. While that was doing its thing is when I began to explore other flavors and play with recipes. So, perhaps it’s good that I had to wait this time.

Well, I’m happy to report that they’re finally here! My extract was put to use this weekend. I made me some Chai Pops!

I’m pretty pleased with how this recipe turned out. They’re for sale over on Etsy. If you’re into chai or the spices in chai, you might really dig these pops. (So far, they’re are my favorite.)

Are you totally sick of this yet? Yeah. I know. I’m getting sick of myself too. It’s probably pretty annoying hearing me write about lollipops all the time, but I’m inspired and I’m having a great time coming up with new flavors. I honestly haven’t been this inspired in years. I will shut up soon, if only because I’ll be busy trying to eat all these lollipops!

No, really. I have a lot of lollipops on my hands.

And I hope to have the real Mom It Down up later today. Peanut Butter Cookies! Yum!