A Baby Squirrel

I met this little feller on Saturday. He was orphaned, but some caring humans took him in. Once he’s rehydrated and old enough to eat on his own, he’ll be rereleased back out into his home.

I hope to have more information on this little dude soon. But totally wanted to share just how small and amazing he is.


  1. OMG how cute and sweet. How great someone took him in and will get him strong!


  2. My husband and I once rescued two–around eight weeks old. We passed them on to a wildlife rehabilitationist, but for one blissful afternoon we had adorable those adorable babies snoozing in little balls on our bellies.


  3. He’s so cute. It’s hard to beleive they grow up to be such little fuckers…


  4. lol – it’s been a long day over her, and when I read

    “Once he’s rehydrated and old enough to eat on his own”,

    my mind went to your mom-it-down recipes before I could stop myself. I’ll save you the visual. Lets just say your photo is way cuter (and way less covered in butter.)


  5. My head just splorted from cuteness overload.


  6. Oh my gosh. How badly do I want to pet that little guy right now?

    (Very badly. That is the answer.)


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