Worst Blogger Ever.

It’s no wonder I’m never nominated for any blog awards or why I’m never asked to do any talks or invited to any big conferences. I can’t even keep up with my own blog let alone what’s going on out there. If it weren’t for Murray, I probably wouldn’t even realize how much time goes by between posts. But you skip one Murray post and the emails start flooding in.

You shall not miss a Murray post, Michele. HOW DARE YOU!

I skipped Mom It Down, too. But my baking friends don’t care. It’s you crazy cat lovers, you’re the ones that remind me of what I started here. And I do so love you all.

Let’s see, though… where have I been?


We had a long weekend, so we went to Atlantic City for a night while my folks watched Emory. You might be asking, “Why Atlantic City?” We asked ourselves that too. Because neither one of us are gamblers. I gamble once a decade. And since I’ve only been above the age of 21 for two decades, I’ve been twice. OK, that’s a lie. Three times. I’ve been gambling three times.

But on Saturday we played Craps. We played Craps for five hours. We played Craps for five hours on 30 bucks. I know! That’s apparently pretty damn good. I haven’t the slightest idea if that’s true or not. Considering at one point we were up about 500 bucks, it doesn’t feel all that good. We should have walked away at that point. But we were having so much fun!

At 1 AM we finally left the table with the money we started with minus 30 bucks and headed out for some late night grilled cheese. So, I got gambling out of my system. I’ll see a casino again sometime in my 40s.


Also! A couple of months ago, I was given the role of Community Manager over on the Dooce Community. It’s been great, but it is time-consuming. I write over there a great deal. So, if you miss me here for some inexplicable reason, you should stop by there. I tend to have a big mouth over there.


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing S. She’s now in rehab and almost completely… complete. :] I’m amazed and inspired by her strength and recovery. Originally, I found myself asking, How did this happen to her? She’s so healthy! And then I realized something: if it happened to anyone else? They probably wouldn’t be here to tell me about it.

Naturally, if I could, I would undo her having to go through this at all, but she is so strong and I’m just so pleased that she’s going to be OK.

Thanks to you all again for the stories and kind words.


The saving grace this February has been the Olympics. And y’all know how I feel about February. Oh my sweet Jesus, I do so love the Olympics. We’ve been glued to the TV and my son is now obsessed with snowboarding and skiing; we’ll likely be visiting a mountain or two in our future. Snowboarding has damn near knocked gymnastics out entirely.

Then Curling showed up and I publicly ridiculed it on Twitter:

That started a Twitter conversation between a couple of other women I follow.

Then, finally:

I know. Not very nice. What did Curling ever do to me? Nothing. It’s just weird. But! Get this! Three hours later? I fell in love with it. Like, I’m TOTALLY into this sport now and simply must play—drunk or not.

The Olympics are awesome even if they’re taking place in Canada*. And the emotions I’m experiencing have me totally psyched for this year’s World Cup. Go World!

Anyway. That’s it in a nutshell. Again: I’m sorry I missed yet another Murray post. I will make sure to have one next week. And I’m sorry I didn’t post this week’s Mom It Down. It’s a good one! I think. Super healthy. I will post it next week.

Curing, dudes. Curling.


*I’m kidding**.

**OR AM I?


  1. See? Curling is awesome! And sneaky. When the Olympics are over go rent Men With Brooms and you’ll never be the same again.


  2. Kizz: Thank you! Men With Brooms is it.

    Totally obsessed. Although, I gotta admit, it was the ladies who broke me down. Japan and the USA last night had me on the edge of my seat!

    Emory too. He played along with a broom and a tupperware lid. Nothing short of awesome.


  3. NBCOlympics.com has live feeds of every single curling match (and many other events as well). Watched both the men’s China/France and US/Norway matches last night, and both came down to the last stone in the last end.

    Be warned … you may have curling on all day after finding that.


  4. Sounds to me like you are ready to become Canadian. Mountains, curling, beer. That should have been our flag.


  5. I too love the Olympics.
    Curling rocks!

    Some friends of mine managed to get Olympic tickets and they asked to stay at our place during the Olympics – and in return, they gave us their extra ticket. I went to the curling yesterday (men’s round robin) and my husband is there with them today (women’s round robin). It was a bit confusing at first – four matches going on at once – but once you focus, you really start to get into it. One of my friends was even talking strategy by the end.


  6. Took me about 5 minutes to find a new favorite winter Olympic sport. Curling “rocks”.


  7. Well FINALLY a post:-) Congrats on becoming the Dooce community manager. You’re the perfect person for the job! Now bring on the Murray!

    I still don’t get curling.


  8. Worst blogger ever? Umm, lady, I’m always telling anybody who sits still long enough to listen that you are my FAVORITE blogger. So stop it!

    I’m not much of a gambler, but have considered dragging my husband to Atlantic City for a long weekend simply because we would OD on the buffets. And that’s a good kind of OD, after the first 3 hours are over.


  9. Rob & I became addicted to curling during the last Olympics. You’ve got to love a sport that a pregnant woman can play! The alternate on the Canadian team is 5 1/2 months pregnant. These are the weird facts you find out when you are stuck in the house 24/7 for a week!


  10. My dad is a big curling fan, so a few years ago for his birthday, we all took him curling. It was a ton of fun, and much harder than it looks. You should try it!


  11. but but but… where is Murray?


  12. Damn I love you cat freaks.


  13. I watched curling today, too. It’s all geometry and angles and rotation and other cool geeky stuff. It’s like pool (billiards, not swimming), but with brooms and ice. I dunno. It sucks you in. I can’t remain upright on an icy sidewalk, and watching them hover/glide and not tip over is fascinating.

    I don’t make it into the dooce community pages very often because I’m afraid of her fans. But now that I know you’re there maybe it’s not so scary.


  14. Congratulations on being the Dooce Community Manager. That’s awesome.
    Now please post some adorable kitty pictures:).


  15. First off, as a Canadian, I have to admit that I still don’t totally get the curling thing. Although I am Canadian enough to have been offended that you didn’t like it at first so prehaps it is just in the blood or something.

    Secondly, I want to know why Alyce is afriad of the folks at Dooce? Are we that bad? :)


  16. Curling origination out of Scotland. Once I found out it had nothing to do with Canada, I was ALL OVER IT.



  17. Hey now! What’s your beef with Canadians? Is it our friendliness? Our politeness? Our mostly free healthcare? :)


  18. LOL! I totally watch curling when I go home for lunch! The other day I Googled “curling gear,” and I was stunned at how much the shoes cost! ($200 and up!)

    And, I love the Dooce community too. It’s so positive and fun.


  19. No, I’m the worst blogger ever.

    But I hear you on the Lindsey Vonn thing. I mean, the Lindseys are so exciting! I love watching the Lindseys after putting the kids to bed at night. It’s all Lindsey, all the time at my place!


  20. Ouch!
    Two slams against Canada. What did we ever do to you?


  21. I’ve always found that there are two groups of people I can take the piss out of (tease in jest) and always seem roll with it: Canadians and Brits.

    That is up until today. :[


  22. No. It’s ok I knew you were joking.

    I think Canadians usually take the piss out of ourselves as well. IE, Bob and Doug Mckenzie.

    I must say though that I find the Canadian nationalism at these games a litle…..much?!


  23. Oh thank goodness.

    So, your humor is more sarcastic and dry than my own. Love it.

    (I actually love Canada.)


  24. ahem … i am canadian. that would be my humour.


  25. Just for the record – I was only teasing too! And yes, we are generally very good at making fun of ourselves and don’t need help from anyone else! :)

    And Meg the coverage of these games is just wrong is so many ways, I can’t even begin to discuss it. I just want to watch some sports. That’s all. No foolish commentating or another thousand ‘special moments’ or whatever that touchy feely crap is. Just get ON with it already!!


  26. I’m loving the curling too, but I don’t know why. Probably because it’s taking place in Canada. :o)


  27. That being said, I am packing right now because I am taking my kids to the olympics. Yes, I will be in the stands for curling and hockey and ice skating. I can’t wait.


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