How Is Babby Formed? T-Shirts!

If you know where this comes from, you’ll likely get a chuckle. If you don’t, you’ll likely think I’m stupid.

But if you do get it! You should order one today for that special babby in your life.

You can choose the size, color and style. (There’s an all organic, American Apparel onesie, but it runs a bit more than the others at 23 bucks.)

This is not for profit. This is solely for Awesome.


  1. I did not know what this referred to, but I looked it up, and I am so glad I did! Hilarious!


  2. I also googled this and am I did….Made my night!


  3. That’s freakin’ awesome! Thanks! Babbies rule!


  4. I googled it, too, and…wow. Just wow.


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