Snowy Brooklyn. Photos.

We finally got our snowstorm. So this morning before things got too unruly out there, I decided to take Emory for a walk. All was well for a while.

He even pelted me with snowballs.

But then something happened with his hands. They started to hurt because ice cold stuff on bare hands hurts!

Naturally, he refused to wear his gloves, which were in my pocket the whole time. Why he refused? No clue. But in hopes of teaching him that wearing gloves is necessary whenever it’s cold outside and one intends to throw snowballs, I gave in to his stubbornness. However, this backfired, because instead of putting the gloves on, he threw a fit by throwing himself to the ground in protest. Which made him even colder.

Then the tears came. I did not take pictures of this part.

But, overall? Our walk was awesome. And he loved almost every minute of it.

The next time we venture out I’ll make sure to warm the snow up first.


  1. These are great shots! Look how happy he is!


  2. Something about winter really brings out the joy and wonder in kids’ faces. Gorgeous pics. And super-cute winter gear! I assume the mittens are red, too… but perhaps we’ll never know. :)


  3. Hee! Good to see he got the Howley genes when it comes to stubborness and gloves and cold and fits on the ground. Toby can totally blame your side for that behavior;)


  4. LOVE the hat!

    And I think it is a universal kid thing… I mean, why put on gloves or mittens? That just makes it hard to do fun stuff.


  5. Snow photos! And Emory is adorable – he looks like such a little adult in that last picture. So sweet.


  6. Awww what adorable picture! I love kids playing in the snow.


  7. He really looks he’s enjoying himself. Specially in the second picture. What a sweet little boy. I’m his fan. :-)


  8. Great Pictures! He seems very pleased with himself.


  9. Those pictures are perfect. Great white balance and exposure for so much snow. I love it!

    Are you still using your D200. I first found your blog when searching for other people using that camera.


  10. How is it that you can take such sweet pictures of Em? I mean, he is obviously a super sweet kid, but I can’t seem to get a picture of my son lately when he’s not either screaming (not mad screaming, just screaming for the heck of it) or in the middle of a very long sentence. He’s ALWAYS talking :)
    We got blasted with snowballs too by our toddler here in PA. It was the first time that he went out in the snow and didn’t scream to go back in the house immediately.
    BTW, that hat/coat/scarf combo? CUTE.


  11. i’ve seen you on the dooce community a lot, but this is the first time i’ve looked at your blog. i really like it!


  12. Kids can be so difficult…{heavy sigh}.


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