Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 79)

On Wednesday! I know! But I couldn’t help myself because a couple of you sent me email letting me know how much you missed Murray. One of you nearly broke my heart this morning when you wrote letting me know that your cat passed away. (I’m so sorry, Wendy)

So, here’s a couple of pictures I took of The Goofy Bastard today in hopes of lifting some spirits.

Remember: Murray was a “replacement” to a beloved cat we shared over a decade with. Every time I grow sad about Schmitty, I remind myself that we never would have met Murray if it hadn’t been for that sad circumstance. It doesn’t fill the void, but it certainly makes the grieving easier. What am I suggesting here? I guess I’m suggesting that you go and get another cat! ;]

In other news, it’s probably a good thing I’m taking some time off. My son has been very ill since Friday. He had a fever for several days and went though a few Febrile seizures because of it. (Here’s a video of what they look like. It’s is a little difficult to watch, but they’re relatively harmless (terrifying, but harmless). It’s good information to have.)

I almost took him to the ER on Monday night, but decided not to after speaking with our on-call doctor. But the following day, after watching him go through another 45-minute screaming fit, I took him in for an emergency pediatric visit. There I was told that both eardrums are about to burst. He’s been on antibiotics (and Motrin and Tylenol) ever since.

I am not sure what more to say about that other than I am tired and I do hope he’s getting better.

I have never felt so helpless in all of my life.


  1. So sorry for your loss, Wendy.

    Feel better Em!


  2. My daughter had many febrile seizures, and they can be really scary. They went on for about a year when she was 3 (but she had a few before that). I remember holding my breath every time she got sick. Thankfully, she is now 5 and hasn’t had one for a long time. Hopefully it’s a first, last and only thing for Em!


  3. First off, i hope that Em will be feeling better very soon, and that you will then be able to get some rest. The main lesson from this, as i see it, is that he screams for a reason…there really is something serious going on. I’m sure glad you took him for an emergency visit to your pediatrician! It’s so difficult when our little ones are hurting and they can’t tell us what’s wrong…that’s always a problem with cats; children usually can tell us more as they become more verbal. Thanks for the pics of Murray…love that guy! in the picture on the bed, he looks bigger than TobyJoe and about 100 pounds…funny perspective g.


  4. Sorry Wendy, losing a pet is the worst. :(

    And, OMG—poor EM! I hope he is feeling better and that you are feeling better too. You are such a good mom. :)


  5. There is nothing worse than having a sick child. You feel so damn helpless.

    Get better soon, little guy.


  6. Firstly, I really hope Em is okay! Poor little guy. He seems like such a darling.

    And thank you for the pictures of Murray and all the kindness from the people here! Our little cat, Conor, was wonderful and we miss her terribly. I think one of the reasons I probably thought of you and Murray, Michele, is because I knew he was a ‘replacement’ cat and it makes me feel optimistic that, well, it is going to get better. It just hurts so much right now. I feel so bad for her brothers – they are just wandering around looking for her. They don’t understand.

    I showed the pictures of Murray to my husband and we both just teared up. He said thank you, as well, for the little pick-me-up. I don’t know why but it does help.

    As for a new cat – we are considering, in time. We are actually due to move to Vancouver, BC in a few months, so we might wait until we get there. Or we might just find one here (in Ireland) that needs a home. I don’t know.


  7. I lost my cat Scooby Doo last July. One week he was there, the next he was gone. He was 14yrs old, we had almost grown up together I had him and his brother Bennie for so long. Bennie has changed, he is far more talkative than he ever was when Scooby was alive, I think he was quite lonely at the beginning but he has got over it far quicker than I have.

    I was inconsolable for the first few days, I felt like it was all happening so quickly, he was so alive, then he got ill and then just went. No time to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t going to be there anymore.

    But Bennie is still with us and that is a great comfort. I will never forget Scooby but I have learnt to somehow deal with him not being there. Although I would do anything to have just one last cuddle. I am glad that I was blessed with a cat as special as Scooby was and that I still have Bennie, who demands enough attention for the both of them!

    Sorry this comment is so long!

    I really hope Emory gets well soon, poor little man. x


  8. Hi Michele,
    [I know this is unsolicited advice, but I just couldn’t help myself.]
    I’m writing to you as an epileptic. After a seizure, there’s a period called the post-ictal period, where it’s nearly impossible to remember anything, even my name.
    I don’t want to push anything, but it really helps for me when whomever is with me tells me who they are and where I am. It might help Emory if you calmly [the calmness is really important] say something like, “I’m Mommy, Emory, you’re at home in Mommy’s bed and you’re okay,” and just let him know that he’s safe with you.
    I know it’s so scary, scarier to watch than experience, I think, but seizures are relatively harmless, especially the febrile type. I wish you and your husband and Emory, of course, the best!


  9. everyone at work is hoping for the best for the little guy :T


  10. P.S. I don’t know how applicable this is to febrile seizures [or you’ve already heard this from your pediatrician], but I have pretty severe amnesia and clumsiness for a few days afterward. Keep reassuring him of who you are and that you love him [as if you don’t already :)] and all that good snuggly stuff.

    Oh, and when you’re reassuring him right after the seizure, let him know what happened, like, “You just had a seizure” or “You have a fever” or whatever seems appropriate. While he may not totally understand, I think it’ll soothe him to hear your voice and kids probably do understand more than they let on.


  11. So very sorry you’ve all been so sick. I do hope Emory feels better very soon. The seizures must be really scary. I know how hard it is. Email when you’re feeling better and we’ll schedule a follow-up talk. Been thinking about you.



  12. I love that last picture. He’s going to eat Toby!!!


  13. Hi there

    just wanted to thank you for your comment on Torrie’s post. glad i’m not the only one APPALLED by the casual recommendations for her to get rid of her pets!!! my heart sank as well.
    i also used to volunteer at an SPCA. I also happen to have 8 rescue pets myself right now (4 cats 4 dogs), and while they Do take up a sizeable portion of our budget and time, there isn’t a price i’d take for any of them. they are my Family, for Life. end of story.
    (i mean, honestly.. as i write this, one of my dogs and one of my cats are laying on the bed in front of me, on the electric blanket, with both of their hind feet touching. the dog was picked up off the street 6 yrs ago, and the cat was rescued from a year spent in a shelter after having all her babies adopted…. seeing them now reaffirms to me what my life purpose is)

    love the pics of your Murray. love his stripes! looks like he’s very slinky silky.


  14. I feel for you, sweetie. My daughter started having febrile seizures when she was just a year old. (She’d had a urinary tract infection). Your doctors probably told you why/how they happen—the fever spikes up very very quickly and the bodies response to it is a seizure. “m” gave very good advice on what to do afterward. Just know that you are doing your best, even when you feel helpless…keep up the doctor visits to monitor his progress, keep him hydrated (water, watered down juice, jello), and hold him and love him and kiss him often. He’ll be better soon. hugs


  15. Hang in there, Michele! It’s a testament to your parenting skills that you are handling this so well. Stay strong! (And just remember that the benefits to preschool usually outweigh the risks. Usually.


  16. I know I have never felt so awful as when my baby was burning up with a out of control fever. Hope the little guy is better soon.


  17. You will get through this although I’m sure it sucks right now. Best wishes to Em and to you! And luv those pics of Murray. Those pics make a bad day seem better.


  18. ((Hugs)) to Emory – I hope he’s doing better…I hate to think of the little guy sick. I’m sure the febrile seizures were scary – I had never heard of them before, so I learned something new today. Maybe it will help me one day to help someone else. Thanks.

    Thank you also for the pictures of Murray. He’s such a cutie! I hope he’s helping big brother by just being his awesome self!

    Take care – and hope you and Toby get better too!


  19. is that a whirlpool stove?

    if so, i think its the one my mom just got!


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