Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 80)

Murray may have ingested something so I started giving him fiber pills in hopes of moving it along. For whatever reason, Murray tends to prefer his pills whole, so we kind of just give them to him as is.


The good news is, we woke up in the middle of the night to tend to a grumpy baby and found Murray finishing up the biggest, smelliest poop. This morning he’s running around with all sorts of energy. I’m hoping we’re in the clear.


  1. We just finished a few days of “poop-watch” here, because Wrinkles the dog decided she was going to eat a roast that I burned. That wouldn’t have been bad, except hubs threw the pan out in the snow when it was smoking, and forgot it was out there before he let the pooch out. Pooch found the aforementioned charcoal-y roast and chowed down, eating everything, including the string ties that were wrapped around the roast to hold it together.

    Glad Murray is ok!


  2. Oh, man, Poop Watch! So funny.

    Glad to hear Wrinkles is OK!


  3. Dying to know what he ate.


  4. OK, this is nuts. Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he really truly will eat ANYTHING. What cat will volunatrily eat a pill that you actually want him to take? This defies fundamental laws of nature. I would be jealous except that Murray has already proved that a cat who will willingly eat medication, capsule shell and all, will stop at nothing.


  5. Shawn: I KNOW! WTF Is wrong with this cat? I love him, but I seriously think he’s trying to kill himself. I worry that we have a long road ahead of us and I also worry that the little guy’s heart is not going to deal with too many more vet visits.

    I wish he’d just tell me why he’s eating everything in sight. What does he REALLY want? It’s disconcerting. He doesn’t speak english.


  6. Oh man, your kitty cat is so cute! I love tabbies! We have one of our own, and she always chews on plastic bags or plastic labels that stick out of objects or plastic wrapping. Luckily, she hasn’t yet attempted any hard plastic objects, but still. Why are tabbies so weird?


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