Spring Break!

I feel I have been neglecting this site lately. Out of the dozen or so posts I did manage to push live over the past couple of weeks, maybe two were worth a damn (in my opinion).

That said, I think I need a break. Hell, I think even YOU might need a break. I am not sure how long of a break I’ll take—it could be a week, it could be two, it could be a couple of minutes—but I’ll be back. And, I know, it’s annoying when a blogger announces that he or she is planning on taking a break, but I feel that I owe it to all the Murray lovers out there. (Who, by the way, is on his way to Florida for some wet t-shirt contests.)

I’ll be back. Maybe with a vengeance, or at least with more purpose. (In the meantime, feel free to send me email because I will most likely miss you.)

Naturally, I’ll probably continue polluting Twitter.

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