Tuesdays with Murray (Chapter 28)

We’re going away in March and we’re going to have to find someone to take care of our cats for 7 days. Instead of burdening one person with all seven days, we’ve been entertaining the idea of splitting the time up between two friends and paying both.

“Maybe Lisa would want to do it. We could get Meredith and Andy to watch them for some of the time and Lisa the rest.” Toby suggested.

“Yeah, maybe. But I am not sure about Lisa.” I answered.

Toby looked confused. “But we like Lisa! She’s responsible for our having Murray.”

“I know.” I answered. “But I’m worried.”

“About what?”

“I’m worried that she’ll take Murray away from us.”

“That’s insane! Why?”

“Because I made him fat.”


  1. ::cries::

    HE USED TO BE SO SMALL! How does this happen so quickly? I hate the idea of putting him on a diet. The little dude loves to eat, loves it!


  2. When in March? maybe me & the hubby will come cat sit for you! The perfect excuse to drop what we are doing and come to NYC… of course if you guys aren’t there it would be kind of sad :(


  3. cutie chubs! as long as his ribs aren’t lost forever, i bet he’ll be okay.

    i say this as my izzy plots my death because of her diet. she’s got a far bigger pooch than he does.


  4. Yo, G. I’ll email you when the baby is done eating. That would be great if you want!


  5. We’ll bring our kitty treadmill & climbing tower… trying rid our cats of hanging bellys also! futile.


  6. did you get him “fixed”? They all tend to gain weight because of that. I am not looking forward to my 7 lb mini cat catching up to my 20lb really large and not that fat cat. But that is just impossible. She is just so cute and tiny and long. i guess she might be cuter if she was cute, tiny and round. But i have never heard of a fat Siamese so who knows. She is the parking lot kind of Siamese, you know – with other stuff mixed in :)


  7. My Gram always makes cats fat, it is like a fine art with her. Except don’t ever call them fat to her face. Thems fightin’ words. they are just happy she says.


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