Breaking News!

We need to know who sent us this shirt. (Melissa? Was it you?)

Updated to add: Oops, word on the street is that some folks can’t see Flickr.

(P.S. Tuesdays With Murray is on its way as long as the baby cooperates.)


  1. That is one of ours. It was actually Simone’s before it was Shep’s and now Emory’s. It still makes me smile:)


  2. It’s only the greatest shirt ever! We smile every time we see it. Really.


  3. I think you can get them at Super funny baby clothes!


  4. if i knew you better (or at all) or had a job, I would send you something from dookiewear. Because of all of the above you will have to check them out yourself. trust me, you will like. WOW – glad I checked for myself first. Site is gone and there are many haters out there. I know I have some onesies that i never gave out – will check to see what size they are. it’ll take a few days :)


  5. Check your email. I am sending pictures of my two in that shirt. I can’t believe I actually had pics of both wearing it. Emory is right on track for Howley baby hair. He has about as much as Shep did and much more than Simone. Poor Simone looks like a little old man with a receding hairline:)

    Oh, and to give full credit for the shirt, I am almost positive my sister bought it at our friend Amy’s shop in VA. A lot of the hand-me-downs from Shep were purchased there by my sis:)


  6. I haven’t checked your site in a long while, but WOW what a beautiful kid!!

    Congrats to you both.


  7. OK, is that a baby model??
    If not, should be!


  8. haha, thanks you guys. He’s a wonderful little person.

    We never went seeking modeling opportunities for Emory. For some reason, I feel like since he can’t decide on his own, I best not do it? That sounds idealistic, doesn’t it. Ah well. Maybe if the right thing came along, I might splash his face everywhere. :]


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