More About Nursing Bras. And Baby's Room.

There’s a store here in the New York called The Upper Breast Side. I first heard about it during one of our birthing classes. Our instructor said, “I can’t believe I’m going to give them even more business but…” Apparently the woman who owns The Upper Breast Side is notoriously snotty.

The instructor furthered her description by saying, “If you get her on a good day, everything will go fine and they really do know their stuff. But I have sent clients to her and they have left in tears. And if you are at all shy, this place might not be for you. The measurements take place on the floor. Women are made to stand completely shirtless in a room full of people.”

I’ll talk and admit to just about anything. I’ll write about even more. But I do not feel comfortable standing in a room full of strangers with my shirt off especially while pregnant and huge. I’m not ashamed, necessarily, but I can’t say I’m proud of how I look (feel?) right now. And while I regularly walk around our house without any clothes on, I don’t feel comfortable walking around in public that way.

On Friday I did a little legwork and found a store called Boing Boing right here in Brooklyn.

Here is a short review taken from the New York Magazine Web site

“I went to boing boing because i find the upper breast side shop to be pretentious and somewhat degrading. boing boing employees were helpful, and kind. i love all their products.”

The woman I spoke to at Boing Boing was happy to take measurements but she made it clear that she’s not an expert. Either way, she was extremely helpful. I tried on nearly 15 bras of all different shapes and sizes. I tried on sleeping bras, nursing bras, “sexy” (relatively speaking, of course) nursing bras, and just plain old Bravado nursing bras. I left with $166.00 worth of boob-related stuff including some nursing pads (to hide unsightly leakage) and a box of Soothies.

Of the four bras I purchased, I am most pleased with the Anita Maternity bra.

My second favorite is the Bravado Microfiber nursing bra.

The Anita is a bit more fancy and it does have an underwire, which really comes in handy for the big breasted. I have gotten mixed reviews regarding nursing bras and underwire. Some women believe that having underwire while nursing can lead to mastitis. But I went ahead and bought one anyway because it’s so much more comfortable for my back and shoulders. The other three, however, are without underwire support.

In other, non-related boob news we’re just finishing up the baby’s room. Here is a picture along with some information regarding the decor and the bumpers we purchased.

We took a tour of the hospital yesterday and the both of us are super excited. I know that my baby and I will be in very capable hands. The semi-private rooms (covered by insurance) were nice enough and had a view of the East River as well as Brooklyn. The private rooms (run 600 dollars a night, NOT covered by insurance) also have a view of the river and the spouse can stay the night. The private suites were filled (run 800 dollars a night) so we didn’t get to see them. They have a leather couch, a TV, and a DVD player. They’re basically hotel rooms. Obviously, we can’t afford either upgrade, but should I lose my mind entirely and decide that I cannot deal with being without Toby, or I’m stuck rooming with a nasty woman, we’ll go into dept to pay for something. But I don’t see that happening. Although, I’ve heard some horror stories from those stuck in semi-private rooms. I’m crossing my fingers I get a decent roommate.

It’s hot as hell here in New York City. I have decided to not go outside today at all. Instead, I’m sitting here in the dark working on some freelance projects. I’m sitting in the dark because I’m trying desperately to conserve energy as we enter blackout territory. Every little bit counts, right?


  1. bout time we got some pics of boobies up on this site. i think you’re officially out of ‘beta’ status now!


  2. Awesome! But I’ve been alpha for 7 years now. This site will never, ever reach 2.0 or beta, I fear.


  3. i have to tell you the ONE PRODUCT that no one told me to buy, that i bought on a whim, and OMG i am so glad i did:

    avent breast shells. they are a boob saving device those first couple weeks. omg. omg. i will avoid giving you too much nipple information, but they allow your newly nursing nipples to 1) breath 2) dribble a little and 3) heal from any chafing/chapping/cracking/bleeding. you don’t wear them out of the house (that’s when the pads come in). but you walk around with em in your bra, looking like you’re trying to shoplift muffins or something. they are not subtle, but they do an amazing boob service.

    buy them today. you will not be sorry.

    and if you need any help those first few days or any encouragement, you know where to find me in the aim. :) yay soon!


  4. looking like you’re trying to shoplift muffins or something


    Snow, you’re the best. I didn’t know about them and will purchase them immediately.


  5. Boing Boing is RIGHT next door to my house. If you go there let me know! I’ll come over and meet ya.


  6. Really, Stace? Nice area! Lucky dog.


  7. I went to school with two girls who said they were “best friends from birth” because their mothers met while sharing a room in the hospital when they were born. So that’s a positive look at the semi-private room!


  8. If we wanted him to have friends, we wouldn’t be naming him Ndugu.


  9. Soothies are a great. They were the only thing that kept me nursing my first child! Well and Lansinoh helped too!


  10. You might not end up with a roomie in a semi-private room. Quite a few moms I know had semis or ward rooms (4 beds), but the other beds were empty, so they were effectively private for a much cheaper price!
    How long is the typical hospital stay for a complication-free birth in NYC?


  11. Two nights. Is that normal?


  12. I think two nights is about usual. Moms on their second baby (or more!) tend to stay shorter stays it seems, as they know what to expect and are ready to be home. I stayed 48 hours, would have stayed an extra night, but there were a dozen women in labour in the labour rooms below me, and my room was needed. I did have a private room though, so it wasn’t that bad. My husband thought his cot was pretty uncomfortable though!

    My extended health benefits paid for 80% of the cost of the private room, so we only ended up paying about $50 of the cost, which I thought was a super deal.

    I enjoyed having my meals delivered to me, and was very insecure about breastfeeding. I paged the nurse every 3 hours to help me latch my son, as I could not latch him on. I can’t say enough good things about the maternity ward at our local hospital, even the food was good!


  13. ndugu’s room looks awesome! perfect for looking at, burbling to and laughing at. I’m a little bit jealous.


  14. I’d definitely look into the possibility that your insurance would cover the majority of the cost for a private room. Toby really ought to be there.

    Heck, I’d chip in a few bucks to help defray the cost of an upgrade.


  15. No way, StFarmer. You’ve done quite enough for us, sir. But thank you for the ever so prevalent kindness. I just called the insurance company and they said they do not cover the private rooms but will cover the semi. SO, we’ll just stick to the semi. If things go horribly wrong, then who knows. But I am hoping all is wonderful.

    I think what I’m most worried about is that a roommate not abide by the unwritten (yet not enforced) rules that there are no children allowed to visit the baby. They are germy. I hope that the person is considerate enough to not allow for any 14 and under kids into our room. We’ll see.


  16. You’d think the insurance would at least cover up to what they would have paid for a semi-private room.

    I’ll bet the first thing that happens is that all the siblings are brought in so they can hold the new baby!


  17. Another thing I forgot to ask. I have no idea what the policy on visitors is at our hospital. People just arrived to see us, I didn’t ask! But we have no young’uns in the family other than the new baby, so kids weren’t an issue.


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