Falling Leaves and Acorns.

Oh my goodness, MORE COOKIES. And a backstory as to why I made them.

Last Spring, we took Elliot out of school. He was enrolled at a full-time daycare, which we never really needed. I’d pick him up way early, we were paying the full tuition, and it just didn’t make sense for us anymore. Plus, he went through a really rough transition in late spring when they switched him from 9 children to 23. I won’t go into too many details about that transition, or how bad it was for him, because it’s personal to him, but it was very, very bad. He showed signs of total regression. It was just a bad scene all around. So, we left.

He is now at a pre-k program that is 2.5 hours a day (except for Fridays) and it’s been absolutely wonderful. Not just for him; for me too. I have met some great moms, something I have needed to do and yearned for since we moved here two years ago. I have one friend here, really. And I adore her. (She knows who she is.) But I feel lonely most of the time. Particularly on this street where there is a very tight group, a group I gave up trying to get in with.

Anyway, I think—I hope—I can forge some new friendships with some of these other moms. It helps that many families at this school have one full-time parent. That’s the thing about living here: I don’t know many people who stay home with their kids. I know they’re out there, but most everyone I’ve met works full time and has hired help. NO judgment there. I get it. I get why people need to and want to. I’m lucky I don’t have to. And honestly? Some days I want an office job again, but I think that’s because being a full time parent has become a really lonely job.

Holy crap, I just turned a post about cookies into a post about how lonely I am. Maybe that’s why I’m making so many damn cookies as of late? I’m baking in hopes of making friends? Baking them cookies? Holy shit! How pathetic am I?

OK, back to the cookies. So, yeah. At Elliot’s new school (which, I’ll just admit straight up is affiliated with a church) we have to take part in the community. Which means we must be teacher helpers. We must do two cleanups per year. It’s a co-op, basically. And that’s been great.

One of the absolute musts in being a part of this co-op is helping out at the annual bake sale, which takes place on election day. Everyone must make one savory, and one dessert; OR two savory dishes to sell to the community at large.


Fall leaves and acorns. (Not zombies!)


  1. Beautiful cookies! Yeah for community!


  2. Love your cookies and MAN! the making friends thing is HARD. I’m finally in a good place but jeez…it took years to find any sort of community/tribe. Although – my anxieties are mostly to blame :)


  3. Who knew that being a full time parent would be the loneliest job in the world? I hear you so much on that. Still looking for my people…


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