Barnyard and Zombie Cookies Using Royal Icing

I had a customer ask me to do 50 barnyard cookies to accompany a barnyard cake. I obliged. I was a touch nervous at first, but ended up having a blast. So much so, I found myself getting up at 3:30 AM just so I could work on them. I’d like to share them now.

Here is a rooster.

Some pigs, a barn, a couple of horses, cows and some chicks.

12096066_902012606545619_4203013240379447701_n 12096257_902014369878776_8018892147302994776_n

And so, naturally, I had to take this innocent project and turn it into blood and gore and zombies. Truth: I love The Walking Dead. I’m not sure if I’ve ever publicly admitted this online, but I am a huge fan. (AND OMG LAST NIGHT! SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY!) I love the show so much, my house is peppered with TWD toys and figurines. I don’t really give a shit about zombies, but I love that show. And one day I hope to write the longwinded post as to why I love the show so much. But for now, I’ll just share some cookies with you.

These were made for our halloween block party.


They were made for kids and I only realized after setting them down on the table outside that they might be a touch too graphic and/or gross for young eyes. But then I watched my own son bite the head off of the guy on the left and well that made it all worthwhile. DSCF0194

That’s all for now! I’m really enjoying blogging again. Although I’m not sure anyone actually reads anymore. :] But that’s OK. I haven’t been documenting my life much over the last several years and I miss it. So, maybe I’ll just think of it as a personal archive/diary of sorts, which is kind of funny because that’s why I started this puppy way back in 2001.

Over and out.


  1. I read it! And I enjoy it even though I may be biased in my reasoning :)


  2. I read it too! Your baking skills are awesome, and you might have convinced me to start watching TWD. Someday, when I have time, LOL.


  3. I read too! I’ve been getting into baking lately. I started with pies, then I moved to breads, and I dabbled in gingerbread cookies but it failed miserably. I love reading your posts on cookies and cakes because I hope to work up to that someday. For now, my long-term goal is to make the perfect tart crust and sourdough bread.


  4. Elizabeth! Pies are my absolute weakness. I simply can’t make them look like something someone would want to eat. My crust is horrible looking. You are my hero. Teach me someday! Seriously, I’m awful at it.

    Thanks for your comments. You guys are damn nice people. Come have cookies with me.


    1. I use the Smitten Kitchen approach of making lattice pies ( I haven’t even tried a regular top because they all look ugly to me. I think I might just stick with galettes, though, because it’s the same delicious crust without having to worry about the aesthetics. I made my first galette this week and I have three different kinds planned for the next month.


  5. I’m still reading too! I first found your blog when you were pregnant with Emory and had Tuesdays with Murray. Randomly our cat is also called Murray! I look forward to reading whatever form your future blog takes.


  6. I’m still here! :) And as much as I love the barnyard cookies (that rooster!), the zombies are awesome! I am looking forward to your TWD post, because I too am both unimpressed with the undead and yet totally involved with that show. We didn’t start watching until season 4 or 5 because, meh. But so many people, whose opinions I trust on media-type things, kept saying glowing things, so we started with episode one…and next thing I know, we’re hooked. That last episode has me so very anxious!


  7. I read too, yours is one of the few authentic voices left! And I am as obsessed with those cookies as I am obsessed with The Walking Dead! Amazing work. I want to bit their heads off too. What do you make your own cookie cutters from?


  8. I’m still reading! And happy to see you writing again!


  9. I’m a reader.


  10. […] said I would write about about The Walking Dead and I will. But right now I simply must declare my love for The […]


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