What Happened With Etsy?

il_570xN.193773102I’m not sure what’s been up with Etsy these last couple of years. Maybe it’s just my shop. Maybe I don’t do enough to advertise. (True.) Maybe it’s because they grew too much and too quickly and diluted the market. Maybe there’s more competition now. I am not sure.

But whatever the reason, for me, things have slowed substantially. There was a time where I had dozens of orders each and every week. I once made a decent amount of money selling lollipops. I was also fiercely loyal to Etsy because they’d always been super helpful. Etsy used to be a huge part of my everyday life.

Back in 2013, things began to slow. I still received a ton of holiday orders, and that kept me busy between October and December. But the rest of the year was really quiet.

2014 was a lot of the same, except that the holiday season was also really slow. After 6 years on Etsy, I considered quitting.

This year, things have been totally dead. I think I filled maybe two orders. I honestly can’t remember. But I do know I stopped visiting the site and maintaining my page. I wasn’t even buying much off Etsy anymore, something I used to love to do. And then at some point my phone did something wonky and the Etsy app was lost completely and I never got around to reinstalling. I was pretty sure my listings were slowly expiring. But I never checked.

Yesterday an old friend wrote asking me if I was still in the lollipop business. He wanted to buy a bunch to hand out to clients, something he’d done before. I went to have a look. Sure enough, nothing was active. And it made me feel kind of sad.

So I’m going to give it one more go before calling time of death on my good ol’ Etsy shop. I’m up and active again. For now. We’ll see how things go.


  1. Same. I have had exactly two orders from Etsy this entire year. :(


  2. I’ve pretty much stopped shopping there. It used to be a great place to easily find handmade goods. Then I felt like it started getting filled up with manufactured crap and it was just too much to try to filter down to the handmade stuff.


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