Hurricane Sandy. Pictures.

We had to evacuate our building in Williamsburg due to flooding. We live in Zone A. The irony here is that we’re now in South Jersey, right by the shore, which is supposed to get nailed in a few hours.

I love storms. My mom feels the same way. So at 11:15 AM, 45 minutes before a mandatory curfew, we got in the car and drove to the bay.

Our first attempt at getting to water was interrupted by flooding and the police. We were turned away.

With 25 minutes left before curfew, we drove to another spot and reached the bay.

The docks are usually 5 feet above the water. It was awesome. The wind and rain was so intense. And the waves were reminiscent of what I’ve seen only in dreams.

There was another woman there as well. We both giggled like fools. We’re the people who get swept away by the sea and when it makes the news, you’re left asking, “What kind of idiot does that after being warned incessantly to stay away?”

Me. This idiot. I can’t help myself.

Of course I had to take a self portrait. I was totally into it. But I love water. I am haunted by water.

OK, so a tree just fell in the backyard and I got word that our building is flooding back home. My friend, Jon sent me this shot. This is our home in Brooklyn.

The hurricane hasn’t even hit us yet. Crazy.

(We took ALL of our pets with us. They are safe. I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

More pictures to come! A video too.


  1. I know what you mean.. when the tornado sirens go off here, I’m the one standing in the front yard looking skyward for it.

    Be safe!


  2. That selfie of you is fantastic. Be safe, all of you. xo


  3. That is easily the most beautiful pic of you I have ever seen. Glad you are all safe and hope you stay that way.


  4. These photos are amazing, especially the one of you. I hope you stay safe and comfortable, and that this is all over and you’re back home soon.


  5. Amazing pictures. Your smile in that self portrait is pretty great. But it scares me. Storms scare me. I don’t miss the flooding in the east. Now I live where we’re lucky to get a glass of water falling from the sky every 6 months.

    Stay safe…


  6. 184 Kent is still standing – it took in some water to the lower levels (floorwells are flooded) – we live on the 5th floor and didn’t evac.

    Power has stayed on too so I think all will be fine.

    Waters are now subsiding in the area – the waters came up as far as the actual Kent Avenue by the old Con Ed site next door – but already have started to clear.


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