New Jersey: Morgan Marina, Lacey Township, and Barnegat Bay.

Hurricane Sandy blasted New Jersey. I feel terrible for the coast. My parents will be without power for a while, but that’s nothing compared to what many people along the coast are dealing with today. Anyway, here are a few pictures we took while down there.

This is Morgan Marina right off the Garden State Parkway. I can’t do this sight justice. The boats are usually on the marina. Now they are on top of one another. It looks like a boat junkyard. This is normally a serene marina filled with sailboats. It was crazy.

Check out the larger version. It was truly end-of-worldish. One almost made it onto the Garden State Parkway.

This was taken before the hurricane hit and before our noon curfew. My mom and I drove down to the bay to get some shots. It got much, much worse later.

This was taken the following day, several blocks from Barnegat Bay. We are looking down the street toward where the image above was taken. Obviously, we were unable to make to the bay again. Many, many houses were underwater or completely destroyed. This is where my grandmother’s house is, however she passed away in 2001. My father grew up here.

A picture of one of the houses nearby. The ones further down the road were almost completely underwater.

Residents heading home to see if there’s anything left.

We drove home yesterday and were able to make it back to Brooklyn. Our building had flooding in the basement, and there’s a sinkhole out back along the river, but otherwise, things look good here in Williamsburg. Thank goodness. It’s New Jersey and lower Manhattan I am worried about. There is no power below 34th street. It’s just so odd looking.


  1. So glad you and your family are safe. My heart aches for those in NJ and NYC.


  2. I’m looking for my Pearson 26 sloop that had been at Morgan Marina. Did you see any other boats between the marina & the parkway? I’ve a friend who lives at the marina & he says my boat is gone, maybe sunk/swamped by water. Any suggestions or if other people see her she’s named Serenity Now from Keyport. Thanks. She’s only a boat not a home or loved one but she’s a great vessel & I’ld love to salvage her if possible.


    1. Phyllis: I am so sorry. My father is a fisherman, grew up on boats, I know how much they mean to people.

      My husband and I took many pictures. I will comb through them and see. There was one boat upside down on the other side of the parkway. We will grab it and see if we can tell.

      I can email you the shots if it helps.


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