Mia has gone through some serious downfalls as of late. Things really, really aren’t going her way.

Her mother has breast cancer. That’s an ongoing, serious problem she’s coping with as best she can. Problem is, her mom can’t seem to beat it. It just keeps coming back. And that gets her down.

On September 1st, her apartment burned down and she lost everything including her two kitties (shown below) who she loved like children. She doesn’t care that she lost all her clothing, her baking supplies, her fire engine red KitchenAid (the irony is not lost on her), everything she’s ever owned. All those items she collected from boys over the years, all the postcards from friends, life’s mementos, they are all gone. She only cared about the cats. She made that very, very clear.

Then she went through a break up. That happened the day after the fire.

Yesterday her Saint Tropez road bike was stolen.

OK, so let me make this about me for a minute.

Em broke his arm on Friday afternoon. He was pushed from the monkey bars by another child, a child known for aggression. I don’t want to slam this child, however. He did NOT plan on causing this much damage. But it did suck. None of this would have happened had this kid not pushed him.

Anyway, it was a level 4 break. I didn’t know what that meant up until Saturday, but now I do. He had surgery. He has pins and wires holding his arm together. The whole ordeal was pretty rough. We were in the hospital from Friday afternoon all the way up until Sunday night. At times I became very angry toward the other child.

Then something happened on Sunday afternoon that stomped my anger out completely. I am not at liberty to write about it. I promised this person I wouldn’t as they didn’t want it to be about them. They didn’t want to turn it into a publicity stunt. You’ll just have to take my word on the fact that it’s a pretty remarkable story. What began as a terrible weekend, ended with one of the most cherished days of my life. And I genuinely mean that. It was a day that I will remember until the day I die. Think of the most selfless, awesome deed you can possibly think of, it was better than that. Really.

I am changed. This weekend changed my family and me forever. I think we came out the other side better than we were before. And we owe that to a community of people and this thing someone did for my son (and me) that I promised not to write about.

Em is on the mend. He has even forgiven the kid who pushed him as have I. He’s getting stronger by the day.

This weekend taught me that I need to tell the people in my life, as well as complete strangers, that I love them, that I need them around. I also need to reach out and do more for the people living around me. I have to pay it forward. Because we were given a most precious gift this weekend even though it was born out of tragedy.

So, anyway. Mia. I love Mia. I met her at culinary school. I immediately liked her. She is delicate, gracious, kind, funny and just beautiful. And I want to make this a little bit easier on her. She makes very little living here and is even considering moving away having lost it all. So I’d like to make this time a little easier. The best way I can think of to do that, besides offering her up my cats for snuggles, is to give her some money and hopefully make everyday life a little bit easier. And maybe, just maybe, she can buy a new bike.

So, I’m going to put it out there for you guys too. Do you have a few extra bucks for Mia? She doesn’t need much. And she will likely kick my ass for doing this. Even a hand-me-down bike might do the trick as it was her main means of transportation. If you feel like donating her some money, you can do so by PayPal. My account is: mihow @ mihow.com.

I promise EVERY last penny will go to Mia.

Also: please makes sure to make it a gift or donation so you can write it off or whatever.

Lastly: hug a stranger someday soon. It actually feels pretty good.


  1. Oh, thanks for making me cry at work! I’ll paypal you ASAP. Keep us updated on Mia *and* Em. I’ve been worrying about him all weekend and now I’ll add her to my worry list.


  2. Does Mia need clothes? I have assorted sizes ready to be donated – all in good shape, just doesn’t fit or isn’t needed – that I could send. If you think that would help, let me know sizes and where to send and I’ll go through the stuff I have. You can email me if Mia doesn’t want her sizes, etc broadcast on the Internet. :)


    1. She does need clothing. Yes. She wears a size 8. She is 5’8.

      She just left. She’s volunteering at the cat loft at Barc to get her kitty fix in. She is gonna be so surprised and grateful. I fucking love the Internet.

      You guys rock.


  3. Poor Em. I feel so sorry for the little guy. What a horrible experience for him. Glad he is home and on the mend.

    You’re a wonderful friend to help Mia.


  4. My heart goes out to Mia. I am so sorry for her losses! And thank you for writing about Mia, and sharing what your family went through and how you feel about it all.
    Love and good energy to Mia, you and yours. And I’ll put something in your PayPal for Mia, too. Thank you again.


    1. Thank you, everyone!!! We raised 300 bucks for Mia! Plenty of money to buy a bike, new clothes, shoes.



  5. I sent you a paypal email. :-) I have a winter coat that needs dry cleaning and maybe a button or two but is in great shape. I will get it ready (cleaned) to send. If you can email me an address I can send that way.


    1. Thanks, everyone! Mia is so thankful. Father said “God bless!” We raised 400 bucks!!


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