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I’m a terrible blogger and getting worse by the day. It’s been, what, a month since I last updated? Is this how things will finally end? Slowly, without realizing they’re going to? I’m sorry. I just don’t know what’s happening.

I never anticipated it ending this way. I always thought I’d get irritated by some other blogger (or whatever) and be done with it once and for all. Or a lurker would send me some hateful email, which has happened many times over the years, and I’d say, “This ain’t worth it! My skin isn’t thick enough!” and finally mean it. But like this? I never thought it’d end like this, like I’m backing out of the room slowly, hoping by the time I let the door close behind me, no one will be left to notice.

I just never thought it would slowly fizzle to nothing. And writing that down makes me feel a little blue.

So! Enough.

Here’s a picture of me after falling asleep with wet hair. Sexy.

Let’s see. I’ve been running. A lot. And then I got a little hurt. I did an 11 miler a week and a half ago and BAM! two days later the outside of my left foot hurt. I haven’t run on it since. I’m hoping that it will heal entirely by this Saturday’s race. This past weekend, things weren’t looking so good. But it’s better today and has been for over 48 hours. So I’m going to give it a shot. The worst that will happen is I’ll get out there, start running and find I’m still injured and can’t finish. But I have to try. I must. And I’m excited about it. I love DC. When I found out I hadn’t made the lottery for the NYC half, I jumped at the chance to do the Rock ‘n Roll half in Washington, DC.

We rented a hotel room right downtown. It has a pool AND a hot tub, which I’m sure I’ll be using assuming I finish the race. It’s also near the Air and Space Museum. And I can’t wait to take Emory. He’s going to love our nation’s capital. I am so excited for him. I’m excited to see my friends, and to run through the streets of a city that means a great deal to me.

What else? I’ve been baking. A lot. I have been baking cakes, muffins, galettes and eclairs (to name a few). And I plan on sharing some recipes, specifically the eclair recipe, because you would not believe how easy it is.

I’m practicing cake combinations for future wedding cakes. This has been oddly fun. The only downside is I’m eating too much of my work and therefore my waistline is expanding. All that weight I lost last fall is inching its way back. Not cool. I felt so awesome back then. So I’m doing Weight Watchers again. I am 10 pounds above my ideal weight and, no, it’s not much, but it’s so easy to slip up and have that rise to 15 and then 20. I don’t want that to happen again.

I’m rambling but at least I’m writing! Something. Anything. Filler? Oh god. No.

We moved! I love our new apartment building. It’s fantastic. We gave up our personal view, but we gained a super patio, a gym, a roof deck, a massive playroom which is often filled with kids. We have a nice kitchen and a bit more (definitely more useable) space. I’m happy here. And we’re right on the East River. So the views from outside (and the roof) are spectacular. I go to the gym during the day while Elliot naps. I wheel him down in the stroller and work out while he sleeps next to me. The view from the gym is of the entire skyline. It’s pretty great.

That’s all for now. I have a bunch of pictures I need to upload, pictures of the new place, all my cakes, the kids. And I’ll do that soon.

And I’m sorry I haven’t written much.


  1. Please don’t go! I love reading your blog. I’m feeling a little sad now. No fair.


    1. I’m not trying to stop! I need the online equivalent to a defibrillator. I suppose. :]


  2. Okay: “CLEAR!”

    (Get it?)


  3. No matter how little you write, I’ll still read. So good luck backing out of the room slowly – we will all notice!

    And give yourself a break, you have two kids, you MOVED, you’re baking and running and all sorts of things. So what if you haven’t posted in a month?


  4. Wait – your site is my home page! Whatever will I do? My computer will probably just stop. It has been that long.


  5. Everyday I check to see if you have written! Don’t go! Once a week, once a month, once a year, I’ll read!!


  6. Awww.. stick around! You’ve been on my RSS feed since, well, since before there WAS such a thing as an RSS feed! Nowadays, when I see that you’ve updated, I’m all filled with the happy! :)

    Seriously.. I’ve been reading your blog for so long that sometimes I forget that I *don’t* know you in person. And life gets busy – you’ve got two kids AND you moved? EEEK! So write a few quick words when you get a minute, and I’ll always read ’em.



  7. Have a great time in DC this weekend!


  8. No need to apologize! You just moved and you’ve got two little ones to take care of, for crying out loud. I think everyone is going to cut you some slack for not posting for a while, so don’t sweat it. Speaking of sweat … good luck at your race! I am running a half marathon in May, so I can relate!


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