A Cake That Says…


My friend Mikal came up with that one.

For what occasion would one use this cake? A Sweet Sixteen birthday party? A cake for your son (or gay daughter!) celebrating the loss of his virginity (or your gay daughter’s!) after paying a prostitute to sleep with him (or your gay daughter!)?

Did I just write that? I’d like to apologize to both of my sons. I love my sons (and your alive gay daughter!). No disrespect here at all.

Actually, this cake may have lapped itself in badness becoming perfectly awesome.


  1. that little hoochie figure made quite an impression on my grandfather’s 70-odd-year birthday. he and my grandma were old enough to appreciate the humour. my grandmother even tried to strike the pose (while standing because she was old and couldnt get up from the floor).


  2. Are you serious? That is truly awesome. Did you get this cake? Really? Or have you seen it? I need more information because the little I do know made my day.


  3. it was awhile ago now so it was definitely a different cake! up until we moved him into the nursing home, he had the figure sitting on top of his tv. he laughed everytime he walked past. the cake was just some store bought crap. can’t remember what store anymore but the setup was basically the same as the one in the picture. pretty much the only reason we bought the cake was for the girl figure because we knew it would make my grandfather laugh.
    i think it’s probably only appropriate for dirty old men! HAHAHA


  4. Awesome. So, this cake might be perfect to buy for my father. A Father’s Day cake!


  5. I’m still paying for my first one!


  6. I was about to say that the cake topper would be great for a bachelor’s party… but the frilly white icing doesn’t quite match up lol. And I don’t think dudes really want to celebrate their bro-friend’s last night of singlehood by slicing into a cake, frilly or not!


  7. uuummmm….. did she have a little too much mexican food last night?


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